The main enemy of communism is not capitalism, and the church.

16/06/2016 10h16 - Updated 16/06/2016 10h33
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Have you noticed that only in Christian countries was possible to offer serious resistance to communism? Spain, Portugal, England, Denmark, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Mexico, Philippines, Brazil itself, showed that Antonio Gramsci was right to declare that the main enemy of communism was not capitalism but the Church. The Brazil only became vulnerable to communism when the Church in our country and corrupted much of the population lost faith.
”Or cast out the traitors from within the Church, or will be impossible to save Brazil (…) the siege is closing, freedom of religion is dying out before our eyes” O. Carvalho.

The church has a fundamental role in society and we must not let his teachings are forgotten. Individual charity, very taught by the church, It is of immense importance, Forget government, he does not want to help the poor, do it yourself. Donate food, of Education, psychological aid, help someone to rise again, do what is within your reach. This is the most efficient way to change, charity and education. Talk about politics and other subject more humble people, guests 5 minutes of your time spreading knowledge. We all know that when the government proposed a social program has intention is electoral and much of the money directed to these programs just diverted, misapplied and used to buying votes. The government wants the population dependent, burra and poor.

Review the quality of public services, poor education with ideological bias, public health of poor quality (spent too much and the return is bad), labor obligations disguised rights to usurp the worker's money and return crumbs. Who would not want 50% but has? Could you, but the government says NO, and confiscates all that money, monthly. Antonio Gramsci, one of the highest theoretical left, He said that the church is responsible for maintaining democracy and capitalism, and therefore must be destroyed and the best way is through cultural change. The relativization of behavior, as adultery, promiscuidades, abortions, murder and homosexuality levy are part of the plans to destroy the church that defends justice and meritocracy.
The goal left is to destroy everything that refers to God, and so take the role of who sets the standards of behavior. Or abortion, for example, It is strongly advocated for value life, banaliza to death, It is a desensitization of people.

Homosexuality should be respected, but NEVER should be imposed, let alone treat this sexual issue for children from 5 years as the government tried to do through so-called “gay kit” no school supplies, homo-emotional films in children's schools and seminars LGBT. Children have to study and not to 5, 6, 7 years to decide about their sexuality. The purpose of all this is to weaken the family, as a united and well educated family becomes stronger and rivals the state. The "law of slaps", for example, It was approved with the aim of destabilizing, separating parents from children and therefore, cause children to be educated by the state.
Children are children and their education is paramount, stay tuned to your notebooks, books and what is taught in school. And mainly educate his son before a leftist teacher adopt.

Leticia Dog

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