Odebrecht acquired bank to bribe, says whistleblower

The executive said the contractor controlled 42 offshore accounts abroad.
20/06/2016 07h57 - Updated 20/06/2016 07h57
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One of the executives appointed as offshore operators of the call “Department tip” Odebrecht said in a statement to the task force Lava Jet the contractor controlled 42 offshore accounts abroad, and that most of it was created after the acquisition of the branch of a bank, o Meinl Bank Antigua, in order to 2010.

Vinicius Veiga Borin cited in plea bargaining transfers “suspected” the accounts associated with the Odebrecht totaling at least $ 132 millions. The whistleblower is the first to speak in detail about international transactions of the group through offshore.

Borin worked in São Paulo in the commercial area of ​​Antigua Overseas Bank (AOB), between 2006 e 2010. He and other former executives of AOB joined Fernando Migliaccio and Luiz Eduardo Soares, then executives of the Department of Structured Finance – official name of the central bribes from contractor, according to Lava Jato – Odebrecht to acquire the disabled subsidiary of Meinl Bank, Vienna, Antigua, a tax haven in the Caribbean.

The acquisition also involved Olivio Rodrigues Junior, responsible for mediating the opening of accounts for the contractor in AOB.

The participation of 51% branch of the financial institution in Antigua was acquired, second or story, US $ 3 million over four annual installments of US $ 246 one thousand. At the end of trading, the group now has 67% Meinl Bank Antigua.


The Attorney General's Office in Parana asked on Friday to federal judge Sergio Moro homologue the plea bargaining of Borin and two other executives AOB: Luiz Augusto France and Marcos Pereira de Sousa Bilinski. Only Borin testified.

The Department of Structured Finance of Odebrecht was the target of the 23rd stage of Lava Jato, which led to the arrest of John Santana marketeer, his wife and partner, Monica Moura, beyond Borin own.

It was from the Operation Acarajé – so named in reference to one of the names used in spreadsheets parallel accounting Odebrecht for tuition – the Task Force Lava jet reached the core of illicit payments contractor.

The revelations were made primarily by employee Maria Lúcia Guimarães Tavares, the first business group to cooperate with the investigation. currently, Odebrecht executives and the contractor Marcelo Odebrecht negotiate one plea bargaining with the Lava Jato.

Among offshore accounts cited by Borin are Klienfeld, a Innovation e a Magna, who made deposits in offshore account Shellbill Finance, identified as Santana property, in Switzerland, no amount of US $ 16,6 millions, according to whistleblower.

Borin said the AOB bank began operating accounts for Odebrecht from a request for Olivio Rodrigues, who said representative of the contractor and interested in opening bank accounts to move funds for the works abroad.

He also said he believes the resources handled largely by cons associated with Odebrecht “they were illegal” or did not relate to payments or suppliers “for the company's works”.

As informer, with the acquisition of the bank, his group and the Odebrecht executives began to share a commission of 2% on each input value in the accounts of offshore companies controlled by Olivio.

percentage, 0,5% I went to the three former executives of AOB, 0,5% for the bank's headquarters in Vienna and 1% for Olivio, Soares and Migliaccio.

The acquisition, second Borin, initially also involved Vanuê Faria, Nephew of Petrópolis Valter Faria Group controller, what, according to the whistle-blower, had about $ 50 million in accounts held at AOB locked with the liquidation of the bank. Between the end of 2011 e 2012, Vanuê sold its stake.

in testimony, the informer said he never had contacts with Marcelo Odebrecht or other group executives besides the mentioned.

Borin said Migliacio and Felipe Montoro, another representative of Odebrecht, They suggested last year that he and the other partners in the Meinl Bank left the Brazil due to the advancement of Lava Jato.

According to the informer, Antigua cited, Portugal and the Dominican Republic and came to ask for a spending plan with change.

“Felipe Montoro and Migliacio had concern with that in the Meinl Bank, having mooted the possibility of buying the bank and close down then to disappear ?? ?? with documentation”, says testimony excerpt.

Oliver is arrested and is accused in Lava Jato. Luiz Eduardo Soares also meets remand in Paraná. Both account for conspiracy and money laundering in Lava Jet for contractor payments abroad and in kind in Brazil for Santana and his wife. Migliaccio is arrested in Switzerland and answer process in the European country.

Sought by the report, Odebrecht reported, through its advisory, I would not comment on the testimony. The lawyer Fabio Tofic, defending Santana, He reported that only will you comment on the case before the Court.

Defenses Olivio Rodrigues, Valter Faria and Vanuê Faria were not located.

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