WHO removes drinks list of coffee that can cause cancer

Organization has warned that the very hot consumed beverage may damage the esophagus.
15/06/2016 10h58 - Updated 15/06/2016 10h58
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The World Health Organization (WHO) He removed the coffee from the list of possible causes of cancer. According to the organization, in the last years, several studies have found a direct relationship between some types of cancer and coffee consumption. The product remained in this list of drinks that could cause cancer 25 years.

The Department for Research on Cancer WHO should also pronounce on Wednesday (15), on the review of the list and should also acquit the product risk of causing bladder cancer, pancreatic and prostate.

The turnaround in the WHO is based on research of the International Cancer Research Agency (IARC, its acronym in English), that after about 1000 studies concluded that “there is no evidence of carcinogenic risk posed by the consumption of coffee”. Scientists found that several studies showed that the consumption of the drink offered no carcinogenic effect on the pancreas, breast and prostate, Besides “observed risk reduction in liver cancer and uterine endometrium”.

In average, Americans consume three cups of coffee per day, moving US $ 74,2 billion last year, according to the US National Coffee Association (NCA, its acronym in English). The product is the most consumed beverage in the country, surpassing even tap water, said the NCA.

A IARC, However, He started to point the consumption of very hot beverages like “probably carcinogenic”, based on studies of esophageal cancer in Asia and South America, where drinks are consumed at an average temperature 70 degrees Celsius.

Istituto US Cancer Research, in turn, list coffee as a product that fights cancer, on the variety of phytochemicals and biologically active compounds present in the drink.

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