Father Fabio de Melo apologizes for controversial video on domestic assault

Fabio made a comment on a video that is circulating on the web, which implies that the victims may be held accountable for attacks.
28/06/2016 14h50 - Updated 28/06/2016 14h50
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Fabio de Melo priest used social networks, on the afternoon of Monday (27), to apologize for a comment made in a video that is circulating on the web, in which talks about domestic assault.

In him, during a sermon which occurred about ten years, Father suggests that victims may be held accountable for attacks.

"Women who are physically abused by their husbands, the day suffering the first assault, is that will determine for him if he has the right to attack the life or not. It's the way she looks at him ", said. "The offender only becomes aggressor because the victim authorizes", he added.

by Twitter, the priest apologized for his statements and said he had been misunderstood.

"It's very uncomfortable to be promoter who abhor. Blaming the victim is abominable. If I was unhappy in the language, subtraction-me portray ", stated.

"I always thought about the risk that a loving relationship has to evolve to the kidnapping of subjectivity. I grew up among minorities. I never distanced myself from the sufferings that I saw firsthand. So, I make a point of retraction ", completed.

In response to his followers, He said he wanted to talk about women who do not report when they suffer attacks and said the video was recorded in 2006.

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