To mimic meme, man tries to extinguish Olympic torch with water bucket and is arrested

Second or delegate, Young said it was a joke.
27/06/2016 13h57 - Updated 27/06/2016 13h57
Photo: reproduction

A man of 27 years was arrested in Maracaju, second city of Mato Grosso do Sul to receive the Olympic torch on Sunday (26), after trying to erase the symbol of the games with a bucket of water.

Second or delegate Eduardo Romero Amylcar, it happened around 11:25 am (MS). "At first it was a joke on Facebook for some time", he said. Romero did not politically motivated, but the suspect page was shared the joke on the last day 22 of June.

"I played great amount of water in the hallway where the torch would pass. As he was far failed to erase ", said Romero.

The delegate explained that the young man was apprehended in the act and will respond in freedom. He paid $ 1 thousand bail. The case was registered as qualified damage in the attempted form. The penalty for this crime is six months to three years.

In social networks an image viralizou. Brazil is known to be zoeiro began to threaten to extinguish the torch through this humorous image:

Photo: reproduction

Photo: reproduction

Source: G1

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