Parintins wins first tourist app

The app "Parintins" is a complete guide with restaurant tips, sights and history of guaranteed and capricious bumbás.
15/06/2016 13h03 - Updated 15/06/2016 13h05
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A complete tour guide Parintins is now available to a simple cell touch. This is the app 'Parintins', developed by Professor of the Faculty Fucapi, Guto Oliveira, in order to make life easier for tourists who will be on Tupinambarana Island, a 369 km from Manaus, because of the Folkloric Festival.

The unprecedented application contains information in two languages (Portuguese and English), how to get to the city, the main hotels, restaurants, sights and places where you can buy local handicrafts, as well as a brief history of the party owners, the Capricious and Guaranteed oxen and the festival itself.

"The inspiration came from my homeland (Parintins), because always wanted to use the knowledge I acquired off the island to help my home. So, by Parintins have a tourist bias, the creation came from her own, the feast of oxen, festival magic, the sights and the simplicity of Parintins people ", said Oliveira. The teacher started this project back in the year 2012, under the guidance of teacher Alderlane Farias, on the occasion of its Work Course Completion (TCC) College of Design, na Fucapi.

The application 'Parintins' is now available for iOS and Android platforms and can be downloaded free. "The goal is to help domestic and international tourists to know the charms that folklore island offers", explained Professor.
The application was developed voluntarily by people who want a greater good: the enhancement of regional culture. "In difficult times we are living, each tries to do his part and I like a love with my homeland also do my, and it is with much happiness that today give this gift to all of you ", celebrated.

interested entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurs Parintins who want to enter information from their commercial establishments in the tool can send a message through the Parintins App page, not Facebook and request. "We can not enter all, but entrepreneurs who are interested can apply via the Fanpage and the next update is already included. All for free ", he explained.

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