rival parties unite to ward off Eduardo Cunha definitely

PSDB, DEM and PPS begin to negotiate with PT, PC and Network B to hold new elections in the House of Representatives.
10/06/2016 07h50 - Updated 12/06/2016 02h18
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the old opposition parties to the far President Dilma Rousseff, PSDB, DEM and PPS began to negotiate a union with former adversaries PT, PC B and Network for a common goal: to put away, permanent, Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ) the presidency of the House and hold new elections in House. The link also includes the discussion of a name to dispute the succession of the PMDB against the candidate supported by Cunha and leave the Centrão, group of 13 I parties led by PP, PR, PSD e PTB.

The dialogue between the two groups was opened yesterday. As revealed Column Estadão, alternatives have been discussed to cause the production of new internal elections. at the meeting, the former opposition demanded support from the PT to the project declaring vacant the post of Speaker of the House.

Authored by deputy Roberto Freire (PPS-SP), if approved, would force the holding of new elections, ending the interim chairmanship of Deputy Waldir Maranhão (PP-MA). The Maranhão took over the House in early May, after the Supreme Court away Cunha.

To approve the project, They need signatures of leaders representing 257 MEPs. So far, However, only PSDB, THE, PPS and PSB support the proposal. Together, the four parties have 119 parliamentary. The new opposition - EN, PC do B, PDT and Mr Silvio Costa (PT do B-PE) – soma 90 parliamentary.

'Doubt'. A PT, Per hour, refuses to sign the request. "I have little doubt the real intention of them", said the party leader, Afonso Florence (BA). He said suspect that the old opposition wants to pass the bill into an agreement to take the presidency of the Chamber Cunha, but preserving the impeachment process which is being processed in the Ethics Committee of the House.

The assessment in the PT and other parties Fearing opponents is that, for a while, may be more favorable deal with the interim mayor. Although ally Cunha and Centrão, Maranhão voted against the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff away and is close to PT deputies, PC do B e PDT, besides being an ally of the governor of Maranhão, Flávio Dino (PC do B).

The former opposition does not accept Maranhão. "What is at stake is the normality of the House. You can not Waldir Maranhão preside ", said the leader of the PSDB, Antonio Imbassahy (BA). The toucan denies deal to save Cunha. "The impeachment Cunha is a consequence and, if you come to the floor, It is inevitable ", said.
While there have been differences in the first conversation, the two groups will continue the joints. New meeting is scheduled for next week.

Source: Estadão

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