PCdoB received bribes from the MCMV contracts, says whistleblower

Pedro Corrêa says corrupt even charged 30% kickback for every house built for needy families.
17/06/2016 16h39 - Updated 17/06/2016 16h39
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Two weeks ago, SEE revealed extensive details tipoff awarded the former deputy Pedro Corrêa, one of the oldest corrupt activity in the country, He signed with Justice. Confessing his crimes with the authority of a dean of thievery, who began taking bribes in the late 70 and was only stopped by Operation Lava Jato, Correa stripped the gears of corruption in the Lula government and Rousseff, but did more. In addition to compromising the former opposition figureheads, as Aécio Neves, and the PMDB dome and the interim government of Michel Temer – as Geddel Vieira Lima, Henrique Eduardo Alves, Eduardo Cunha, Romero Juca and Renan Calheiros – Correa throws open once the corruption scheme mounted by would-parties “ethical” policy, the righteous leftist leaders PCdoB. The brain of the communist corruption scheme, says whistleblower, It was the former Minister Aldo Rebelo.

According to reports Pedro Corrêa in Annex 27 your denunciation, during the second Lula government, PCdoB led the Board of Housing Production of the Ministry of Cities. Piloted by Daniel Nolasco, affiliated with the PCdoB, the agency ran billionaire funds from the Minha Casa Minha Vida program. Nolasco, patronized the post by the former Minister Aldo Rebelo, operated amounts for small contractors, who worked in the construction of houses for the poor in cities with less than 50 000 habitants.

While serving the noble mission to realize the dream of homeownership for humble families, the militant PCdoB enjoyed to play a clandestine schedule. In this role, unedifying, got bribes from contractors who would build affordable housing. According to Pedro Corrêa, the rate used in the corruption scheme revolved around 10% a 30% the value of each house built. Or blow was simple: the director of the agency, who deserved free resources for contractors and charge the tuition fee, I had a company, RCA Advisory. After the ministry to close the agreement with the contractor and pass the money to the construction of houses, corrupt businessmen paid the tuition fee negotiated with the PCdoB for RCA.

PCdoB the scheme was divided with the PT and the PP and operated charging fees in the construction of at least 100 000 Popular houses. according to Correa, just a contractor with contracts in Maranhão paid 400 000 real to corrupt. Pedro Corrêa know the details of the robbery because he was one of its beneficiaries. “The fee collected by RCA was divided between PT, which had the National Housing Secretariat, by PCdoB, who headed the Department of Housing Production, and the PP, which had (indicated) Minister of Cities”, says Corrêa.

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