Pedro Elias presents the reorganization measures in open court in MPE

During the hearing he refirmou that no citizen will be left without care in health.
22/06/2016 12h14 - Updated 22/06/2016 12h30
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The state Secretary of Health, Pedro Elias de Souza, participates on Tuesday (21), public hearing organized by the Federal Public Ministry and State (MPE e MPF) to discuss the reorganization plan of the state Health Network, which is being implemented by the State Government. "This is another of the extensive agenda commitment that we are meeting since the measures were announced, at the end of May, to inform the population and institutions, about the reasons and objectives of reordering ", he said, stressing that no one will be without service, no Ready Customer Service (SPA) It will be closed and there will be no change in the profile of emergency care units.

The reordering, according to him, seeks only tailor the services provided by the state network profile and the current needs of users of the health system. In addition to Peter Elias, also participate in the hearing the state secretaries of Planning, Thomaz Nogueira, and municipal Health, Homero Miranda Lion.

at the hearing, a Promotora do MPE, Claudia House, said the work of the agency, at this moment, It is in order to monitor the process of reordering. “supervise, go in the units to see how the changes will affect users, the calls. If you need, let's call managers, request adjustments”, He stressed. “Another important thing is also that we can not do this job looking isolated situations. We have to see the question of the system as a whole”, evaluated.

The detail work and discussion of reorganization measures being made by the State Department of Health (Sesame) already included meetings with representatives of the MPE and MPF, Court of State Auditors, legislative Assembly, Municipality of Manaus, Order of Lawyers of Brazil - Sectional Amazon, religious leaders, State Councils and Municipal Health, among others. The matter was referred, also, the Minister of Health, Ricardo Barros, during the hearing the Secretary Pedro Elias with him, in Brasilia, there is 15 days.

"It is important to note that none of the reordering of the measures entered into force yet. All of the state health facilities are functioning in the manner and custom schedules, without any change to date. The measures should begin to be implemented during the month of July ", said Secretary. He stressed that an important phase of the discussions, that occurs within the State Health Council (THESE), not yet completed. The ESC has the function of exerting social control of public health services and is made up of representatives of management, workers and users of health.

Pedro Elias returned to stress that, with the same reordering, all areas of the city will continue to rely on SPAs and Polyclinics and that there will be any change in emergency rooms and hospitals network, high complexity services that are the responsibility solely of the State. With the changes, he explains, primary care will be expanded and maternity beds will be expanded.

The changes will occur, mainly, the services that have Attention profile Basic, as the Comprehensive Care Centers for Children (Caicos) and Old Age (CAIMIs), besides Polyclinics and SPAs. There will also reordering the Maternity network. Some units will change their service profile. One of the main goals is to replace the model dedicated to specific segments, as is the case of CAICs and CAIMIs, by full attention to family. "We have sought to demonstrate that the measures are necessary and timely, because, besides helping us in fighting the economic crisis affecting the country, also enable us, short, medium and long term, adopt a more efficient model of Health Care ", said Secretary.

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