PT charge more trips, and Dilma decides to kitty to pay for flights

The President decided to take away a digital platform as a way to raise money to pay for their flights on FAB airplanes.
29/06/2016 16h57 - Updated 29/06/2016 16h57
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At a meeting on Tuesday (28) the Alvorada Palace, Takeaway President, Dilma Rousseff, He was charged by PT to travel over the country and decided to take a digital platform as a way to raise money to pay for their flights on FAB airplanes (Brazilian air force).

The first portion to be funded by Dilma is planned for Thursday (30), when the PT should go to Bethlehem (PA) to attend an event with supporters of his government.

After the Federal Rio Grande do Sul Justice authorized, last week, Dilma use the jets FAB apart from Brasilia, Porto Alegre route, since bear the costs of travel, she decided to expropriate the idea of ​​crowdfunding.

entitled “Days for Democracy”, the tool on the Internet, or crowdfunding, It will be organized by some friends of the PT of the dictatorship. The idea of ​​a collective financing was anticipated by Monica Bergamo column.

The advice of Dilma not say when the platform will enter the air and, therefore, it is unclear whether the fifth trip can be paid with these resources.

Sought by Folha, FAB said it could not disclose the logistics costs of flight hours for questions “strategic” military aviation.

During the meeting with the national executive of PT, on Tuesday, Takeaway president pledged to intensify its agenda and, on display to party colleagues, he said, after the release of the Senate on Monday expertise (27), “it became clear that it is increasingly difficult to argue that there was crime” to justify their process of impeachment.

According to the expertise made by Senate technicians, Dilma acted directly to release additional funds through decrees, without approval of Congress, but there is no way to prove performance of then president in -loans tax pedaling federal banks to the Treasury.

In addition to the parliamentary and PT leaders, They were present at the Alvorada former ministers Jaques Wagner (House Civil), Ricardo Berzoini (Government Secretariat) and special adviser to Rousseff, Giles Azevedo.

Wagner released a statement on social networks where remote president says his biggest mistake was to be combined “com um traitor and usurper”. The former minister also posted a recognition of the mistakes made by the government.

“It is important to recognize that our government made mistakes. We err in driving the economy and conduct policy”, published.

The executive of the PT had requested a conversation with the president to discuss away “the political landscape” e as “strategies” Party until the final judgment of impeachment, scheduled for August.

By plotting future scenarios, Dilma acknowledged the possibility of not returning to the office. According to meeting participants, the PT said its opponents work to occur if a new election Fear not resist the investigation of Operation Lava Jato.

Another topic discussed at the meeting this Tuesday (28) It was the possibility of Dilma calling a referendum for new presidential elections if returned to the presidency. The PT already came across the idea, but want the support of social movements and the unification of his party, a PT, around the thesis.

There was resistance among themselves and also in PT MST (Landless Workers' Movement) e na CUT (Workers' Unitary Central).

According to Folha, however, there was a signaling, the meeting this Tuesday, that at least PT and CUT are willing to close issue and support the idea. O MST, for your, time, still resists.

“There is a Front Brazil Popular position that it is possible to live with the position of making a plebiscite with the position of 'Away, To fear'. This was solved”, He told Folha Senator Humberto Costa (PT-PE).

For him, convince senators that Rousseff is willing to make a referendum for new presidential elections is “the only way” to make it get at least 27 Senate votes not to resume or position.

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