PF seizes luxury objects in Operation Turbulence

As shown survey on Wednesday, 22, PF seized two helicopters, a speedboat and eight cars imported.
22/06/2016 16h15 - Updated 22/06/2016 16h17
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Money, luxury cars, helicopter, guns and a speedboat. This was the final balance of Operation Turbulence triggered on Tuesday, 21, Federal Police (PF) in the state of Pernambuco, as part of a millionaire scheme of embezzlement of public funds in the construction of the São Francisco and the Abreu e Lima Refinery.

As shown survey on Wednesday, 22, PF seized two helicopters, a speedboat and eight cars imported.

in action, They were also seized two revolvers caliber 22, caliber handgun 38 and gauge shotgun 12. All or materials, He informed the PF, will undergo a technical expertise.

In addition to luxury goods and weapons, They were seized mobile phones and documents, material in which the PF wants to find information that point to the involvement of others, which would lead to the breakdown of investigations.

Seizures are part of 60 warrants, including five in prison and 22 coercively driving. Others 33 were search and seizure.

The operation was aimed at dismantling a criminal scheme of shell companies that would have diverted approximately R $ 600 millions.

Part laundering scheme would have stocked the box 2 campaign for re-election of Eduardo Campos (PSB) the government of Pernambuco, in 2010, and also his presidential campaign, dead after plane crash in full electoral contest in August 2014.

Investigations PF also indicate that entrepreneurs arrested during the action (João Lyra de Mello Filho, Apollo Santana Vieira, Paulo Sérgio de Barros, Eduardo Bezerra Leite and Arthur Lapa Rosal) They received money for alleged services in the works of St. Francis and the Abreu e Lima Refinery and repassed for state politicians.

Paulo Sérgio remains at large. The others were arrested and lawyers have not commented.

O presidente do PSB, Carlos Siqueira, He said yesterday they had no knowledge of shell companies allegedly used to buy the aircraft used by Eduardo Campos in 2014, companies were also involved in two box for the Campos campaign to the government in Pernambuco 2010.

“I can not go into details because I can only speak of what I know. I believe in the righteousness of Eduardo”, he said.

In a statement the party, signed by Siqueira, or leader informs “have full confidence in the conduct of our dear late Eduardo Campos, former president and former governor of Pernambuco”.

The party says still support investigations. “At end, not there will remain no doubt that the campaign Eduardo Campos did not commit any unlawful act”, frisa to note.


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