PF triggers Operating Cost Brazil, an offshoot of Lava Jato

kickback payments are investigated computer services contracts, no amount of R $ 100 millions, between 2010 e 2015.
23/06/2016 07h36 - Updated 24/06/2016 08h22
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In a joint action with the Federal Public Ministry and the Revenue, the Federal Police (PF) triggered today (23) Operation Cost Brazil. The goal is to determine the payment of bribes, from IT service provision contracts, no amount of R $ 100 millions, between the years 2010 e 2015, the people connected to public and public officials officials in the Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management.

The federal police are fulfilling 11 preventive arrest warrants, 40 search and seizure and 14 coercively driving in the states of São Paulo, Parana, Rio Grande do Sul, Pernambuco and the Federal District, all issued by the 6th Federal Criminal Court in São Paulo.

According to a release issued by PF, there is “evidence that the ministry directed hiring a technology and computer services company for the management of payroll loans on the payroll of federal civil servants with private banks”, interested in granting such credit.

The investigation was opened in December 2015, after the decision of the Supreme Court that the documentation gathered at the 18th phase of Operation Lava Jato, known as Pixuleco 2, were referred for investigation in Sao Paulo.

According to investigations, 70% the amounts received by that company were transferred to persons related to civil servants or public officials with influence in the Ministry of Planning through other contracts – fictitious or simulated.

The answer investigated, according to your actions, the influence of trafficking crimes, bribery, passive corruption, money laundering and criminal organization, with feather 2 a 12 years in prison.

The prisoners and the seized material will be forwarded to the headquarters of the Federal Police in São Paulo. People conducted coercively are heard in PF facilities closer to the places where they are found.

The Federal Police will give an interview, 11am, in the auditorium of the Regional in Sao Paulo.

Source: Agency Brazil

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