PF does operation to dismantle gang that fraudava bids

The operation investigates irregularities in bids at the Mint and is being held in conjunction with the MPF.
03/06/2016 10h13 - Updated 3/06/2016 10h13
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The Federal Police, with the support of the Magistrate General of the Ministry of Finance, triggered today (3) Operation Sphinx. It is to dismantle a gang that practiced fraud in bidding, diversion of public funds, corruption and money laundering. The operation, investigating irregularities in bids at the Mint, It is being held in conjunction with the Federal Public Ministry.

According to information from the Federal Police, 25 Federal agents and twelve servants of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Division meet in Sao Paulo and Brasilia two preventive arrest warrants and five search warrants in offices and homes of members of the criminal group, I would have moved R $ 70 million in bribes.

The warrants were issued by the 8th Criminal Federal Court of Rio de Janeiro and one of the targets is a consulting office, whose name was not revealed. The office would have received approximately R $ 70 million company investigated for fraud in bidding at the Mint.

"Investigations show that this office received the amount without providing services in return, and would have served as a facade to broker the payment of bribes to those involved in the scheme ", the statement said.

Preventive arrests were enacted to the detriment of one inspector from the IRS and his wife, who have been indicted and accused of crimes of active and passive corruption.

Operation Sphinx is an unfolding operation of Addiction, Police Repression of Corruption and Financial Crimes (Delecor) from Rio de Janeiro, what, last year, served search warrants in 23 addresses related to the investigated, including offices of the headquarters building of the IRS, in Brasilia, and at the Mint, in the river.

Source: Agency Brazil

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