PF investigates “Mafia public shows”, Amazon is in the research list

Deviations can move from R $ 100 millions, according to a report from the site UOL.
24/06/2016 07h32 - Updated 24/06/2016 13h39
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The Federal Police, Revenue and federal prosecutors are investigating a “mafia” dedicated to defraud the purchase and sale of public shows of great artists. And the state of Amazonas is in the research list.

The amount of money obtained by fraud in hiring, overpricing of paychecks or infrastructure can exceed R $ 100 million in just the last three years. Only in São Paulo for R $ 15 million already blocked by the court at the request of the Federal Public Ministry.

For a while, including the Amazon, There are ongoing investigations in the state of São Paulo, Rio, Pernambuco, Bahia, For, Ceará, Piauí and Rio Grande do Norte. The investigation began in 2010, in São Paulo, and then spread throughout the country.

Who started it was Thiago Lacerda Nobre, now head of the Prosecutor's Office in São Paulo, and prosecutor in Santos.

“When traveling to work the interior of São Paulo I began to realize that some tiny towns were doing events with nationally renowned artists, whose paychecks were expensive. We began to investigate because there was no way those cities bancarem so many shows and pawn parties. We just discovered a number of irregularities, involving not only the cities, but to the federal government, it was swiped through cultural agreements”, said the prosecutor in an exclusive interview with UOL.

According to Lacerda Nobre, only in São Paulo 32 cities with rulers or contractors (cultural areas or events) are today suffering the actions of impropriety; Besides that, ten criminal cases pending against suspected former mayors of involvement or facilitating fraud, and R $ 15 million already blocked until investigations finish.

“This value refers only to blocks already made between 2010 e 2013, and only in the region Jales”, says prosecutor.

In the rest of the country, according to the report found near sources of PF and MPF, fraud can add up over R $ 100 million from 2013. No new actions are initiated in other states, however.

One of the artists already condemned to reimburse the public coffers in recent months was the samba singer Zeca Pagodinho. her manager, Leninha Brandão, confirms the conviction, but denies irregularities and claims that the artist's lawyers will appeal (read text below). In the case of Zeca, the action against him took place in Brasilia.

Modus Operandi
The most common fraud, according to the prosecutor, It is one in which a middleman receives inside information that this or that city will make a great party (birthday for example) and that the intention is to employ the double backlands “X”. Possession date, the middleman then anticipated, comes into contact with the pair and makes a date bid in question.

When a city official contacts with the business of double, saying that the city is interested in hiring its artists, It is informed that the date in question is already sold, and that the city should look for the entrepreneur-middleman. often, the city end up paying a price sometimes exorbitant by the cache of artists of interest, Why “middleman” You know that there are other options and “stick the knife” in the city.

The problem is that, according to the Federal Public Ministry, there are suspicions that many business people and even artists decided to enter the “scheme” in the last years. There is a list of companies, entrepreneurs and artists being investigated. Dozens of tax secrets have been broken, authorized Justice.

Technical IRS, in turn, are crossing billing data of artists with data declared by municipalities that hired.

regionalized mafia
According to data obtained by this reporter, a “mafia shows” It is now installed in at least eight states. In each, Mafia appointed a “middleman”, or buyer shows.

Whenever a city in the interior of these states want to buy the show of some great artist, ends up being “thanks” to address the hiring through middlemen that state. Even in some cases, hiring artists by private companies and sites were also affected.

Offices and suspects investigated by the task force are currently located in São Paulo, Rio, Fortress, Recife, Manaus, Salvador, Bethlehem, Christmas and Teresina.

Another type of fraud being investigated involves hiring directed to companies related to civil servants (areas such as Culture and Events) which has maintained a monopoly in the supply of equipment and infrastructure for big shows, as sound, lighting, security and even chemical toilets.

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