Plateau tries according to 'save skin’ Eduardo Cunha

Ideia é viabilizar aliado do deputado para a presidência da Câmara.
29/06/2016 16h14 - Updated 29/06/2016 16h14
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Interlocutors of the Planalto Palace try an agreement to enable the deputy election Roger Rosso (PSD-DF) the presidency of the Chamber, as chairman of the successor away Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ). One of the points of the interim president Michel Temer conversation with Wedge, on Sunday night, It was exactly the succession in the House. The president wants away government help to elect an ally to the post of president as a last attempt to try to keep the mandate.

In exchange, renounce the post of president, allowing it to be solved misrule in the House, provisionally led by Waldir Maranhão (PP-MA).

- The resignation is good for the government. You can not stop the House stay that way, with an interim president who leaves a whole week without voting nothing. Some time would have been easier to make this kind of agreement. But let him (Cunha) to attempt, let's see what happens - said an assistant Plateau.

In conversation with Temer, second stories, Wedge hinted want to help to enable this output. It proved not to be able to articulate it on their own and need government support. The request Cunha was in support of a deputy who did not pursue him after the resignation to the presidency.

- You can not want him to resign without the commitment that the successor is not hostile to him - defended the advisor to the Plateau.

The only name seen so far on the plateau that could meet Cunha, the government and be accepted by the old opposition - PSDB, THE, PPS and PSB - without leading to a split of Temer base would be the deputy Roger Rosso. But some of the leaders consulted by emissaries of the Plateau have shown resistance to this solution, they believe that this will strengthen the Centrão - that supported Dilma and now with Temer - in the election for the next biennium in the House, in 2017.

There is a care that Temer not directly involved in the issue to avoid problems with your base. The idea of ​​the Plateau was only enter the contest in case of polarization of an ally party and the opposition. But, to prevent an unfavorable name Cunha is elected, Planalto attempts an agreement on Rosso.

- You have to be very careful the government does not appear in this dispute. The risk of injury is much greater than a possible benefit, because it can wake up in the excluded a reaction - said an adviser to the Plateau, remembering the retaliation suffered by the PT government for trying to defeat Eduardo Cunha.

In the government's view, Rosso meets the requirements for the time: It belongs to a middle party, It has a conciliatory profile, technical preparation degree of right and gained stature as chairman of the special committee that examined the impeachment of Rousseff. But, until now, there is no support of the former opposition parties, and even the PMDB. The PMDB have dialogued with PSDB and DEM, and tried to build bridges with arch-rivals EN, PCdoB and PDT, for an informal alliance in succession in the House that it overlaps the Centrão.

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