Plan against fires intensify actions 23 counties

They make up the group of municipalities with the highest hotspots records in 2015.
15/06/2016 08h15 - Updated 15/06/2016 17h35
Photo: José Narbaes/Sema

Twenty-three municipalities of Amazonas focus the priority actions of the Plan of prevention, control and fighting fires, released on Tuesday, 14, by the State. They make up the group of municipalities with the highest hotspots records in 2015, when Amazon had 15.170 occurrences, and 9.995, in the period from September to December.

The strategy is to anticipate the period of dry and apply the actions in the plan noting the array of responsibility of each member of the working group of the State Government against fires. Two aircraft will be used to monitoring and enforcement and to give support to ground teams to respond to hot spots. They are the result of partnership with the Department of Public Safety Amazon (SSP-AM).

The number of trained firefighters to respond immediately to events expected to double this year. In 2015 They were trained and equipped over 10 thousand firefighters at Fire Department. The training new brigades in the most impacted municipalities began in January this year with the planning and preparation of the burned against plan coordinated by the State Secretariat of the Environment (Schema).

preventive work
Labrea was the city with the largest number of fires last year, with 1.844, followed by Apuí (1.628) and Manipur (1.186). The goal is to use the experience gained in 2015 to prevent occurrences in these areas. In the event, there is trained staff to eliminate hot spots before they become forest fires.

"We want to show that the practice of burning must end. Everyone loses with hot spots, is the state with the cost of great mobilization of people, equipment and vehicles, and especially the society that is impacted on health, economy, transportation and education. Prevention is the focus, but made it clear that the environmental enforcement agencies will tighten the siege against environmental crimes overseeing and applying the appropriate punishments ", said the owner of the Sema, Antonio Costs.

The Southern Amazonas, on the border with Mato Grosso and Rondônia, and the Lower Amazon and the metropolitan region of Manaus are areas of concern, but that will receive attention redoubled, according to the owner of the Sema. “We have in mind a scenario of low rainfall and the influence of El Niño, but we are aware of the areas that suffer greater pressure”, He stressed.

next step
From the plan presentation, the partner agencies now operate in the implementation of prevention targets, control and monitoring, and intensification of fire against raising actions throughout the State.

"We are planning to perform the necessary mobilization to fight the fire. It all starts with a small focus. He controlled, It will not become a cause of major fire damage. It is in this context that execute actions to prevent the registration numbers as last year ", said Maj Helliton Silva, Fire Department.

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