“powerful” threaten Lava Jato, says attorney

Deltan Dallagnol said people between “the most powerful of the Republic” They are trying to stop operations.
13/06/2016 14h25 - Updated 13/06/2016 21h48
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Or attorney da República Deltan Dallagnol, coordinator of the task force Operation Lava Jet, in Curitiba, he said to be “possible and even likely” that investigations of the country's largest corruption scandal ending up.

“Who conspires against it are people who are among the most powerful and influential of the Republic”, he said.

Dallagnol said the conversations recorded by the former president of Transpetro Sérgio Machado with the President of the Senate, Renan Calheiros (AL), former President Jose Sarney (You) and Senator and former Planning Minister Romero Juca (RR), all of the PMDB summit, They exposed a plot to “end the Lava Jato”.

“These plans would be mere speculations if they had not been treated by the president of the National Congress”, said Attorney.

The whistleblower audios Sérgio Machado made public by the press once again reveal moves to try to interfere with the movements of Operation Lava Jet. Investigations run any risk?

Investigations approached people with economic or political power accustomed to impunity. It is natural that they react. There is evidence of different types of corrupt system against attacks: destruction of evidence, creating dossiers, moral aggression through notes in the press or CPI report excerpts, urgent repeat a speech pointing suspected abuse never proven, Attempts interference in the courts and, more recently, offering legislative proposals to bar research, as the MP of leniency (provisional measure amending the rules to agreements between companies involved in corruption and the government). Plots to stifle Lava jet appeared including the audio made public recently. Lava Jato only survived until today because the society is their shield.

Can a government or Congress to end the Lava Jato?

IT IS, sim, possible and even likely, for they who conspires against it are people who are among the most powerful and influential of the Republic. As investigations proceed toward important politicians of different parties, the trend is that those who are guilty in the office to come together to protect. It is what is perceived in recent audios made public. On them, the interlocutors say several other politicians have warned of the danger of advancing Lava Jet. It also made a bet “national pact” what, as also extracts the audio, I had as main objective to end the Lava Jato. We can not condone the generalization that politicians are thieves, because it punishes the honest errors by the corrupt and discourages good people to enter politics. We have the political protection committed to the public interest, but we can not underestimate the power of leaders being investigated.

It was compared to Curitiba “London Tower” the recordings. It is fair to compare?

The comparison is absolutely unfounded. The Tower of London was used for torture. torture, suppresses the free will of the victim and extract the truth by means of cruel. in collaboration, respects the free will of those who, when you decide to collaborate, receives an award. More of 70% Lava jet employees have never been arrested. In minority cases where arrests leading collaborations, It was strictly necessary and not aimed to collaboration, but to protect society, that was at risk with keeping those people in freedom.

What the content of audio shows, in your opinion?

Audios reveal a fit between people occupying key positions in the national political scene and, that is why, interfere with the actual conditions of jet wash. Discussed concretely change the law and seek to reverse the recent Supreme understanding that allows you to attach defendant after the decision of second instance. They even contemplate breaking the law with a new Constituent, for which certainly present a good excuse, but the main objective and I confess would reduce the powers of the Public Ministry and the Judiciary. These plans would be mere speculations if they had not been treated by the president of the National Congress, with broad powers to send the Senate agenda; by a former president with political influence that needs no further comments; by a future minister (Planning) and in the presence of another future minister, the Transparency (Fabiano Silveira, also appointed by President Michel Temer in exercise and already out of government). When the legal defense is not feasible, because the facts and evidence are very strong, it is common that investigated if pay off a political defense. Now, the equally firm action against people linked to new parties, equally relevant on the national scene, reinforces once again that the role of the prosecutor is technical, impartial and non-partisan. We do not see people or parties as enemies. Our enemy is corruption, wherever you are, e, this war, there is only one right way, the honesty and justice.

The information is the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo.

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