Police arrest man trying to impersonate police using PM uniform

The man was arrested Compensates neighborhood, on the morning of Monday, 6.
06/06/2016 11h51 - Updated 6/06/2016 11h51
Photo: Press Release / PM

Military Police Company of the 8th Interactive Community (IDPF) They arrested early on Monday (6), a man who tried to pass police in uniform of the Amazon Military Police, Compensates the neighborhood 2, in the western area of ​​the capital.

According to the vehicle commander's information 9859, Officer candidate PM Bishop and Soldier K PM. Emerson, the sights a man identified as Elison Medeiros Magalhaes, 20, I was in a bus stop Oscar Borel Avenue (old street St. Peter), Compensates neighborhood 2, dressed in full uniform PM, the car approached him and asked where he was moving, and he replied that he was going to the 1st Jungle Infantry Battalion (1º BIS Army), where he said working.

Suspecting the veracity of the information required was your military ID and at that time Elison confessed that he was not a cop, but he wore his uniform to use public transport without paying passage, He resided in União da Vitória neighborhood, North Zone. In the face of flagrante delicto, it was conducted and presented to the 8th District Integrated Police (DIP) to the judicial police procedures.

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