Federal police do operation to determine deviations in the Rouanet Law

The operation was named 'Free Boca’ and clears the diversion of federal funds for cultural projects.
28/06/2016 08h19 - Updated 28/06/2016 08h46
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The Federal Police, in joint action with the Comptroller General, broke out early this morning (28) Operation Boca Livre to investigate the diversion of federal funds in cultural projects with benefits of tax exemption provided for in the Rouanet Law.

Are met 14 temporary arrest warrants and 37 search warrants in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and the Federal District. They work in the case 124 federal police officers and servants of the Comptroller General. The warrants were issued by the 3rd Federal Criminal Court in São Paulo.

According to the complaint, corporate events, shows with famous artists at private parties for large companies, institutional books and even a wedding party were funded with resources from the Rouanet Law.

Fraud occurred for non-execution of projects, overbilling, invoices for services or fictitious products, simulated and duplicate projects, in addition to promoting illegal counterparts to boosters.

The prisoners account for crimes like criminal organization, peculation, larceny against Union, crime against the tax order and misrepresentation, whose feathers can reach up 12 years in prison.

The Federal Justice has unfitted legal entities that are among the suspects to propose cultural projects with the Ministry of Culture and the State Secretariat of Culture of São Paulo. It was also performed the lock values ​​and the kidnapping of assets such as real estate and luxury vehicles.

The police investigation was opened in 2014. The name given to the operation, Free mouth, It is an expression used for parties where you eat and drink for free.

Source: Agency Brazil

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