Federal police summons former minister Delfim Netto in Operation Lava Jato

The subpoena requires that Delfim provide documents proving the services rendered by him to the Odebrecht.
10/06/2016 17h27 - Updated 10/06/2016 17h27
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The Federal Police (PF) Curitiba summoned former Minister Delfim Netto Finance to provide information relating to Operation Lava Jato. The subpoena requires that Delfim provide documents proving the services provided by it to Odebrecht and justifying the payment of R $ 240 one thousand, delivered in kind to the nephew of former minister, Luiz Neto Apollonio.

The hearing has not yet set date to happen.

Delfim had been cited in the award-winning tipoff of Andrade's former executive Flavio Gutierrez Bar, approved in April by the Supreme Court (STF). in testimony, Barra said the contractor would have paid tuition fee of R $ 15 Delfim million in the final stage of negotiations for the construction of Belo Monte dam in 2010.

The money would be “gratification” the former Minister, that would have helped to put together consortia competed in the bidding for the work of the hydro. Also according to whistleblower, the fee would have been paid to Delfim through fictitious contracts between Andrade Gutierrez and Apollonio Neto companies.

The defense Antônio Delfim Netto challenged “vehemently” that the former minister has committed any irregularity. In a press release, the advogbados Ricardo Tosto and Mauritius Siçlva Leite said Delfim Netto “He advised in the economic area and collected all taxes due to the provision of services ".

Source: Agency Brazil

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