Police arrest gang that stole trades in Carauari, not Amazonas

Six people were arrested and a teenager was seized during action. They used motorcycles and even rented cars to commit crimes.
17/06/2016 13h41 - Updated 17/06/2016 13h41
Photo: Press Release / PM

A joint operation carried out by 5 Reverse Split Military Police (GPM) of Carauari (distant 788 km straight from Manaus), with the participation of Military and Civil Police, He dismantled a gang of practiced thefts to homes and commercial establishments in the municipality.

According to the 5 GPM, the municipality had presented several records thefts and to allow prompt response to the city's population a task force was created to disrupt the activities of the alleged criminal groups. The Military Police after acting officers of the intelligence service in civilian clothes, located in three young Samuel Amaral street in suspicious attitude in possession jackets, coats and bonnets, after that approach were presented to the police station for the procedures of the judicial authority.

Based on the testimony of suspects, the research team realized that there were many contradictions between the young and investigations were carried out in their homes. In places after searches, objects were found that indicated their participation in the crimes committed in the city.

In possession of stolen material seized, the group confessed to the scheme which also involved a teenager 15 years and the recipients who bought the stolen products. After identifying and apprehending the teenager, his parents reported the presence of the police teams that the gang was led by his brother identified as Francione Nunes das Graças, 19, the "Lorão" and the other members identified as Rone Peterson Nunes das Graças, 18 and Hélio Barbosa da Silva 23, known as "Gago".

research teams also have discovered that the gang used motorcycles and even rented cars to commit crimes. In the vehicle, They used a pressure pliers and a firearm of Garrucha caliber type 36. From the information obtained by the teams it was also possible to reach the recipients in various parts of the city, as Raimon Jacaúna 58, Carlos Alexandre Leite 30 and Andreiudis Ribeiro Dutra, 28, which they were still part of possession of stolen goods and all were arrested in flagrante delicto and brought to the local police station.

The whole gang and seized objects were presented to Carauari police station for legal proceedings, between them (01) firearm caliber type Garrucha 36; (01) triggered cartridge; (01) grip pliers (short ferro); (01) ferro-American 90 cm; (02) notebooks; (03) cellular and (01); addition of menswear clothes and female, deodorants, lighters, shoes, backpacks, jewelry, perfumes, creams, towels, Portable sheets and etc.. All seized material was presented to delegate to other procedures.

Investigations continue and it is believed that there may be more establishments and the gang victims.

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