Politicians try to stop Lava Jato by 'pseudo stability', says Janot

The attorney general criticized political movements to try to stop the investigations.
28/06/2016 15h06 - Updated 28/06/2016 15h06
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In a speech that demanded engagement of the population in defense of Lava Jato and criticized political movements to try to stop the investigations, Attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot, He said on Monday (27) that prosecutors “not be subject to criminal condescension” in favor of a” pseudo stability meant a few”.

Commanding the largest criminal investigation in the country, Janot defended it takes “break the shackles of patrimonialism” and compared the drag of Lava Jato in the political environment of the difficulties for the abolition of slavery in the country, there is 130 years.

The speech comes after Janot get to ask the arrest of members of the PMDB summit, which was denied by the Supreme Court (Supreme Court), after recordings were revealed showing an attempt to sew a pact to prevent the consequences of the determination of Petrobras corruption scheme that reach politicians from various parties.

to Janot, the operation revealed that politicians and businessmen turned “the state in a club to enjoy a few.”

“Some voices reverberate past and rehearse the exchange of fighting corruption by a pseudo stability, exclusive stability aimed a few. Not in subjection to criminal condescension: is not that what Brazil wants, is not what the country needs”, said the attorney general at the opening of a seminar that will discuss the major criminal cases of Brazil and Italy.

“It is time also we break the shackles of paternalism, to be free of a way of being that does not belong to us, that ill-fated little way associated with the corruption of the law that does not reflect our true nature. It's time to desvencilharmos culture of plunder and selfishness. The country got tired of this political model”, completed

Janot said, from street demonstrations in 2013, society is “thirsting for a historic upset”, to end impunity. According to him, “we now have a political representation deficit. A mismatch between what the voter wants and what makes your representative. ”

“We will not get to the end of this journey along the paths of the prosecution or the judiciary. These are complementary parts in the process of transformation and deepening of republican values. Lava Jato, alone, not save Brazil, or promote the evolution of our civilization process. both, it is essential to insuperable force vigilant and active citizenship”, he said.

In the evaluation of the Attorney General, the electoral system is “flat broke”.

“Lava Jato unveiled, as never before, the system of mutual favors between politicians, parties and business, more than indulge themselves their partners, Democracia Representative fraud, defiles the republican values ​​and turn the state into an exclusive club to enjoy a few, but pitifully funded by all Brazilians. It's time to desvencilharmos culture of plunder and selfishness. The country got tired of this political model”.

Janot said politicians need to realize the desire for change in society.

“If our helmsmen not quickly realize the direction of the new winds, They will certainly be doomed to obsolescence democratic. will, with its outdated values, hopelessly trapped in the oblivion of time and condemned the ruthless judgment of history.”

“The Brazil, at this time, needs each of us as citizens, much more than any institution or public official considered individually. Here the exhortation”, said.
to Janot, “internal and external factors reveals favorable environment for the end of impunity and lenience with corruption.”

“Those who do not wish to progress, It is the lesson of this memorable time: we are a country of free men and women, where the law applies in equal measure to all”, said.

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