PRB announces candidacy for mayor of Manaus in elections 2016

deputy application Silas House was made official on Friday (3). Party seeking alliances with parties and has not vice presidential candidate.
03/06/2016 15h34 - Updated 3/06/2016 15h34

The Brazilian Republican Party (PRB) officiated, this Friday (3), Federal deputy candidacy of Silas House to Manaus Prefecture. Hall is the fifth deputy mandate and will compete for the first time by the municipal executive. Deputy Mayor for the plate has not yet chosen.

In the collective capital, Silas said to have the support of the city's many friends, that can contribute financially to the campaign, in addition to the money already raised by the party.

As with all candidates, House search alliance with other parties to strengthen the campaign, However, He avoided talking about the status of talks.

Or candidate, which is evangelical, intends to seek support of this portion of voters. “I get this application with the support of many people from Manaus.

House says he plans to continue with the initiatives of other mayors who were positive for the city and make a closer management of people.

“I have the goal to show for Manaus what past mayors did good for the city. There are many things, but has some. And then, install an administration that has a community involvement and strong dialogue both with people and with the legislature. That alone is a very great advantage of the last administrations”, emphasizes.

The economic crisis is cited as one of the great challenges for management, or as candidate.

Insurance closed
Regarding the request for receipt of retroactive insurance closed requested by the Federation of the State of Amazonas Fishermen (Fepesca/AM), Hall said he believed in receiving the impossibility.

In January, President of the Supreme Court (STF), Ricardo Lewandowski, He decided to overturn a legislative decree approved in December by Congress to guarantee fishermen payment of insurance closed, pension benefit granted by the government during the fishing ban period.

“This issue of back pay, as I said to fishermen, It is very complicated because to pay retroactive should be happening and closed, actually, Ordinance 192 He suspended the closure and released the fishing”, he explained.

No Amazon, 32,1 thousand fish should receive the retroactive payment of the insurance closed, segundo a Fepesca/AM.

“When Barroso minister overturned the injunction given by the Minister Lewandoswisk saying the PDC 238, of my own, It was legal, and therefore it was reestablished the off-season, has been practically closed at the end of the period. So, it was closed at the end of the period, You do not have to pay what did not exist, but I hope the Amazonian fishermen are celebrating the recovery of what had been completely lost and that this year is assured”, explains Hall.

Source: G1

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