Pre-Candidates may not present radio and TV from Thursday

If the rule is violated the station and the candidate may be penalized.
27/06/2016 15h03 - Updated 28/06/2016 09h12
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From Thursday (30), radio stations and the television will not broadcast programs that are presented or discussed by candidates for the municipal elections this year. The date is scheduled in the electoral calendar, approved by a resolution of the Supreme Electoral Court.

If the rule is violated and the pre-candidate to be chosen at the party convention for election, the station and the candidate may be penalized with a fine of 20 thousand 100 thousand Ufir, which was abolished in 2001, with the amount of R $ 1.0641. The fine can be doubled in case of repetition, and the figure could reach between R $ 21.282 a R$ 106.410. For applicants, punishment is the loss of the application record. According to the electoral calendar, penalties are provided for in laws.

The text says, From this date, It is “prohibited from radio and television broadcast program presented or reviewed by pre-candidate, Under sentence, in the event of your choice at caucus, the imposition of the fine provided for in paragraph 2 of Article 45 of Law 9.504/1997 and cancellation of registration of the application of the beneficiary (No law 9.504/1997, article 45, paragraph 1)”.

Many politicians have radio or television programs in the Amazon. Some, an eye on the electorate, They returned to present radio and TV this year. More than ten presidential candidates in the election this year can be seen presenting radio or TV programs.

On TV, the best known are the deputies Mark Rotta (PMDB), appointed as pre-candidate for mayor of Manaus, and Mrs Conceição Sampaio (PP), as a possible vice plate in Rotta.

Mr Joshua Neto (PSD), President of the Legislative Assembly of the State (BUT), which presents a radio program, also leave the function on 30 of June. Joshua is quoted Manaus Prefecture pre-candidate, as deputy mayor in the application sheet re-election of Mayor Arthur Neto (PSDB). The former Congressman Sabino Castelo Branco (PTB) is another that, once again, will be away from your program, it is pre-candidate to City Hall.

Other well-known figures of Amazon policy and also of radio and television programming are the councilors Alvaro Campêlo (PP), Socorro Sampaio (PP), Reizo Castelo Branco (PTB), Massami Miki e Elias Emanuel (PSDB). The councilors Roberto Sabino (Pros) Pliny and Valerius (PSDB) also have programs on television.

Former Councilwoman Mirtes Salles (PR) He returned to television a few months ago, but will soon have to move away to dispute the elections. Among the 'famous' television, which are pre-candidates, are standard Araújo (PV), a Manazinha ', and Carlos Portta (PR), in which 2014 He was a candidate for federal deputy. One of the most recognized figures in the Amazon TV is presenting Wilson Lima (PR), which is tipped to be the candidate for deputy mayor on the plate of the former state representative Marcelo Ramos (PR), pre-candidate to Manaus Prefecture.

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