Parintins Prefecture assumes completion of the Folkloric Festival 2016

The confirmation was made on Thursday, 2, by the mayor of Parintins, Alexander of Carbrás.
03/06/2016 09h45 - Updated 3/06/2016 10h08
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With the organization of state government output, logistics and without the transfer of funds due to the financial crisis, the Parintins City Hall will again be the director of the Folkloric Festival, laying in the arena cultural tradition of bumbás Guaranteed and Capricious. The confirmation was made on Thursday, 2, by the mayor of Parintins, Alexander of Carbrás, in an interview to radio the municipality.

The resumption of the Folkloric Festival happens 28 years after the government of Amazonas act as large party promoter. "I want to reassure Guaranteed and Capricious, the people of Parintins, people who cheer for Parintins, I tourists and visitors, with the certainty that our festival will happen, without any doubt. We are thrilled with the union of all in Parintins and effort looking for a special event ", highlighted.

The mayor said the meetings in Brasilia began to show results. The first positive sign came from the Ministry of Tourism, where the mayor was on Tuesday, 31, talking to the minister Henrique Eduardo Alves on the need for investment in the largest folk event in the country's North. "Before my trip to Sao Paulo last night (1), I received a call from the ministry confirming that the federal government will invest in our festival. No detailed figures, but it is a story that makes us happy too, the face of difficulties ", said. This Friday, 3, more information will be confirmed by the Tourism folder.

“In addition to supporting the Minister Henrique Eduardo Alves, we had confirmation of his coming to our party. It is an event that is in the national calendar and since the beginning of our conversation, he has provided this effort by our tradition. We are doing our part ", said Carbrás.

In Sao Paulo, Mayor received information about the sponsors who today already with bumbás next to Manna Productions. He said in the state capital will meet with representatives of two large companies interested in being in Parintins as supporters. "With the union of all, with bumbás, with the population, We can say, with all firmness, we have a great event ", he emphasized.

Still on Thursday, the mayor authorized the Department of Culture to file with the State Government a request for availability Bumbódromo day 13 per day 30 June to carry out the organization of space aiming at the presentation of nights. "For the part of the City Hall, we have done everything possible to make this edition 2016 an unforgettable event ", He stressed.

Another measure is the recast of the festival committee, that will be played by the Parintins Prefecture and bulls, Guaranteed and Capricious. "I am in contact with the presidents and bumbás asked the city government to intervene in the realization of the party".

As the actions of the State Government in nearly three decades, Alexander of Carbrás highlighted the key role in the event of growth. "If not the state, the festival would not have the size it is today. We would not have the Bumbódromo, School of Arts, international visibility and many other actions that should also support the Government ", remembered.

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