President of Ecuador Rafael Correa promises to be radical if Dilma is devoid

Rafael said his government “will react with greater radicality” if Dilma is devoid the end of the impeachment process.
09/06/2016 16h05 - Updated 9/06/2016 18h39
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The president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, warned on Wednesday that his government “will react with greater radicality” if President Dilma Rousseff, temporarily away, is devoid of the end of the impeachment process.

“If the democratically elected president, Dilma Rousseff, is finally removed from office, at least Ecuador react more radically”, Correa said at a meeting with the foreign press.

“What is happening in Brazil is very serious for Brazil, but for democracy in the region is a disastrous precedent”, he added.

in May, Quito called for consultation its ambassador to Brazil, Horacio Sevilla, and he issued a statement in which he called for “full force and preservation” the constitutional order in that country.

“We take some action and I think that Unasur (of South American Nations Union) react more radically when it's over due process”, said Correa, assessing that “there is no concrete accusation” against Dilma Rousseff.

A President, accused of “responsibility for crime” for covering budget deficits, temporarily cleared in the Senate 12 May to be subjected to a political trial in which may be devoid.

“You can not remove one democratically elected president over 50 million votes and majority in Congress, in the Senate and even more so with the betrayal of the vice president and his party”, said Ecuadorian President.

Dilma Rousseff was replaced temporarily by Vice President Michel Temer, concluding the mandate 2018, if it is devoid.

The impeachment process was authorized for more than two-thirds of the House and endorsed by more than half the Senate.

Source: Yahoo News

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