Bernardo prison is indeed painful, Temer said in an interview

The acting president said that the fact is painful because the former minister was arrested in front of the children.
24/06/2016 10h30 - Updated 24/06/2016 10h30
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The President of, Michel Temer, He said on Friday, 24, in an exclusive interview with Radio Estadão mourning Paul Bernardo prison context, former minister of the government of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff.

Political PT, husband Gleisi Hoffmann Senator (PT-PR), member of the call Rousseff's shock troops in the impeachment committee in the Senate, He was arrested yesterday morning in Brasilia, under the operating cost Brazil – an offshoot of Lava Jato.

“I saw Gleisi statement that he (Paulo Bernardo) He was arrested in front of the children. It is a painful fact and I want to publicly mourn his arrest”, said Temer. “Anyway, We need to pay obedience to decisions (court)”, completed.

Asked about the fact that the action of the Federal Police, who arrested the former minister and made search and seizure in functional apartment of his wife, Senator Gleisi, which has privileged forum, It has been authorized by a court of first instance and not by the Supreme Court (STF), the incumbent president defended the maintenance of harmony between the Legislative and Judiciary.

“It must be very obedience to this principle”, said, adding that the disharmony is unconstitutional.

Arrested early on Thursday, Paul Bernardo is investigated for the alleged coordination of a corruption scheme in the Ministry of Planning, which would have diverted R $ 100 million between the years 2010 e 2015.


Temer also said in the interview that the interim government will assess possible economic impacts that the output decision of the United Kingdom of the European Union (EU) may cause.

The Brazilian government, However, not fit to discuss the policy decision announced today, said the President of.

“We will not discuss the UK's decision from the political point of view. From an economic point of view, let's hope that this decision effectively consolidate to measure, in a second time, what impact it will have”, he said.

In a plebiscite held on Thursday, 51,9% of UK voters decided to leave the European Union, the call “Brexit”.

The result obtained contradicts the predictions of research latest voting intention pointing pro-European group of the prospect of victory.

Temer has strengthened the position of the Brazilian government for the United Kingdom is in line with the new posture of Brazilian diplomacy, led by Foreign Minister, José Serra.

“Our idea is to universalize the actions of diplomacy in Brazil, no other criterion is that the sovereignty of a country. At my point of view, ideological criteria are unthinkable”, said.

About Mercosur operations, Temer said that Sierra is on track to settle the relations with the South American economic bloc.

“You have to give a safer guidelines for negotiations with Mercosur, also from the ideological point of view”, commented.


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