Teachers in Brazil earn less than other professionals with the same training

Analysis by the Education for All movement, It shows that teachers receive 54,5% than they earn other professionals.
27/06/2016 10h25 - Updated 27/06/2016 16h05
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Top-level teachers in Brazil earn less than other professionals with the same level of training. According to analysis by the Education for All movement, teachers receive the equivalent of 54,5% than they earn other professionals also university graduates. The value of teachers is one of the goals of the National Education Plan (PNE), lei 13.005, from 25 June 2014, who completed two years.

“How unattractive the teaching career, this leads to social devaluation. The not career is seen as a good career option, unlike what happens in countries that are at the top of international rankings. Besides being attractive careers, They have social value function. Part of this is due to the understanding of society that education matters”, says the superintendent of All for Education, Alejandra Meraz Velasco.

The PNE establishes goals and strategies to be followed up 2024. The law comes from infant school to graduate. One of the PNE goals provides for the increase of investment in education from the current 6,6% for 10% Gross Domestic Product (START) per annum, until the end of the term.

by PNE, within two years of operation, the country should have secured the existence of career paths for professionals in the basic education and public higher. According to data from the Survey of Basic Municipal Information (Munic / IBGE), in 2014, 89,6% of Brazilian municipalities reported having career plan for teaching; half of them said to have regulatory actions and enhancement of teaching and 65,9% They claim to have adopted public tender for hiring teachers. School Census data show that, in 2015, 28,9% teachers' contracts of public basic education were temporary, equivalent to almost 630 thousand contracts.

According to the Education for All, no qualitative assessments of these policies and not a monitoring tool on the application of the salary of teachers. “There is a change of salary that changes the quality of education, but the attractiveness Career. One must think of all components, since the attractiveness of degrees and pedagogy, the program with its own identity, leading to the practice of teaching and attractive career prospects, good starting salary, conditions to grow in their careers and working conditions and infrastructure”, says Alejandra.

According to her, the teacher's career has to be discussed at the tip, while it should involve a joint effort of the Ministry of Education (GUY), states and municipalities. One must be able to simulate different careers and the financial impact of this for each entity. The discussion, However, is compromised by the economic situation of the country.

Lack of funds

“We have seen that to improve education requires three elements: good salary, good career and good working conditions, involving not only the time-activity, but well-equipped schools and democracy in school. No use having one, You have to have the three elements”, says the secretary general of the National Confederation of Workers in Education (CNTE), Marta Vanelli.

Marta believes that the economic environment has a direct impact on the quality of education and criticizes the Proposed Amendment to the Constitution (PEC), presented by the interim government, limiting the increase in public spending to the inflation. “This worries us a lot. The imposition of the federal government will be more tightening to public servants”, says.

For states and municipalities, lack funds to pay teachers and even to fulfill the Law of the Floor. According to a survey of CNTE, more than half of the states do not pay the salary of teachers. currently, the value is R $ R $ 2.135,64. We loved advocate greater participation of the Union in spending, since it is the one that collects.


The issue began to be discussed within the Ministry of Education, the Permanent Forum on Monitoring the Progressive Update Floor National Salary Value, composed of representatives of the MEC, two states, municipalities and workers. The forum was also called in managing away President Rousseff. Still no meetings after the current minister Mendonça Filho take the folder. Marta integrates the forum and says the CNTE decided to only participate in discussions after the end of the impeachment process and will not negotiate with Michel Temer government as long as interim.

in a statement, MEC ensures that is performing “Careful analysis of the budget for the implementation of CAQi [Initial cost Student-Quality]”. Expected to be still implemented this year by the National Education Plan, the CAQi could help states and municipalities to pay teachers. “Importantly, the current management received the budget with a cut of R $ 6,4 billion. However, It has been possible to recover R $ 4,7 billion to minimize any damage to the MEC policies”, the statement said.

Source: Agency Brazil

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