PSB Amazonas hold meeting for prospective candidates on 18 of June

Segundo a assessoria do deputado Serafim Corrêa, o partido reunirá mais de 160 hopefuls.
16/06/2016 11h16 - Updated 16/06/2016 11h18
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The Brazilian Socialist Party (PSB) Will happen, In Manaus, no dia 18 of June, the preparatory seminar for elections 2016 – the Province missionary Laura Vicuña, in Aleixo – where several of the acronym leaders are gathered to talk about the subject. Or party meets, no Status, but of 160 pre-candidates for mayor and councilor positions, who will attend the event.

State Deputy Serafim Correa, honorary president of the PSB in the Amazon, It will be one of the speakers and will speak at 9 am, on 'The political scene and the municipal elections in the state of Amazonas'. Already at 10 am, the parliamentarian will speak on 'Strategies to win an election'.

Other important topics such as 'The collection and use of financial resources and accountability for the election campaign', 'The importance of elections 2016 to or PSBL ', 'Social Media applied in election campaigns', They will also be addressed by special guests PSB in the Amazon.

Serafim for this meeting will be very important. "This is the time in which it is for the parties to guide their candidates to the electoral rules, so that the campaign is done with respect for the rules, seeking to win the vote with consistent and possible proposals to be implemented in favor of the population aiming at a more just and fraternal society ", He concluded the deputy.

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