EN asked R $ 30 million to repay debt Haddad campaign, says whistleblower

João Neto Vaccarri, former treasurer of the party was the one who asked for the money, according to Machado Filho.
29/06/2016 07h53 - Updated 29/06/2016 15h55
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The former PT treasurer João Vaccari Neto asked Andrade Gutierrez payment of a debt of R $ 30 million campaign the mayor of São Paulo, Fernando Haddad (PT).

The amount would also have been charged five builders, revealed Flávio Gomes Machado Filho, former director of construction company, in plea bargaining in Operation Lava Jato.

“In 2013, a PT, by João Vaccari Neto, treasurer of the party, asked the Andrade Gutierrez payment of a party debt related to Haddad campaign the Municipality of São Paulo”, said Machado Filho, in testimony on 25 of February, the Attorney General's Office (PGR), in Brasilia.

“The debt was R $ 30 millions. There was also a request of payment to five other companies, so that they would be $ R 5 million for payment by Andrade Gutierrez.” Vaccari is arrested.

Owner of UTC Engenharia, Ricardo Pessoa – first major contractor to do whistleblower award – already confessed, last year, who came to pay an expense of R $ 2,4 million of the PT campaign.

elected 2012, Haddad raised R $ 42 million in his campaign and spent R $ 67 millions – a hole of at least R $ 25 millions, assumed by PT National Directory in the following year. Part of this amount was the closed contract with Polis Advertising and Marketing, John Santana.

Responsible for the reelection campaign of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, in 2006, and the first victory away from President Dilma Rousseff, in 2010, advertising was hired by Haddad campaign by R $ 30 millions. In 2014, he was responsible for Rousseff's re-election campaign marketing.


In his denunciation, former executive of Andrade Gutierrez said R $ 5 million that the contractor would have to pay were for Santana.

“Do not know if the debt of R $ 30 million was with John Santana or the total Haddad campaign, but the part of the Andrade Gutierrez, R $ 5 millions, was debt of PT João Santana”, said prosecutors.

The informer said it was “the Vaccari own” who spent the contact marketeer woman, Monica Moura. husband's partner in Polis, she was responsible for the couple's accounts.

Both are stuck in Curitiba, since February, targets of Operation Acarajé, when it was discovered secret account in Switzerland. Santana and Monica are accused of corruption and money laundering.

Machado Filho also said he came to seek Santana woman by phone to hit “a cafe, whose name does not remember, Rua Dias Ferreira (Leblon, Rio)”. “The debt could be paid abroad, Monica seconds.”

Lava Jato discovered the account used by the couple, in Switzerland, em nome da offshore ShellBill Finance Corp. The informer said, meeting with directors, it was decided that Andrade Gutierrez would not pay the amounts.

“Even Andrade Gutierrez has not paid, there were no further developments.” Machado Filho said that did not address the request with Haddad. “I do not know if Haddad knew.”


The mayor's campaign coordination Fernando Haddad said that a debt dispute was left, in 2012, which reached R $ 29 millions.

“The value was declared the Regional Electoral Court (THREE) and passed to the Party National Directorate of Workers, that would make your settlement”, informed staff.

Through its press office, PT said “totally refutes the conclusions presented”. “All donations that the PT received were carried out strictly within the legal parameters and subsequently declared to the Electoral”, said the party, in a statement.

The defense of John Santana reported that only manifests itself after talking with his client about it.

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