rejection 67,4% Lula becomes infeasible

08/06/2016 21h13 - Updated 8/06/2016 21h13
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PT members are striving to make something useful of the recent research of CNT / MDA, released today. They tried to stage a celebration - to trick unwary, course - saying that Lula would 22% votes in a first round. Just missed them tell you what's behind this index: PT usually has a base 30% guaranteed votes in key elections, and then we see that number reduced by 8%.

But what really counts in an election is a candidate rejection ratio: The smaller the index, the greater the chance of victory. An index around 40% already would be enough to complicate any application.

No case of Lula, research the show with a record rate of rejection 67,4%, even higher than its previous record, of February, from 61,9%. That is why in the second round, Lula lost to Aécio, Marina, Serra and Alckmin.

In fact, Lula with this rejection level, if you, reader, to run for president, Lula wins in the second round.

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