Renan will respond on request for impeachment Janot week

The request was submitted by two lawyers, this week, They are alleging that Janot was partial to give different treatment to PT politicians involved in Lava Jato.
16/06/2016 14h20 - Updated 16/06/2016 14h20
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Senate President, Renan Calheiros, informed the House that next Wednesday (22) announce the answer to the general prosecutor's request offside Rodrigo Janot Republic submitted by two lawyers this week. They claim that Janot was partial to give differential treatment to politicians EN involved in Operation Lava Jato. Renan assured to be free to make the decision.

- Let's again examine the criterion of always, without any preponderance of political or personal factors. Once again I reiterate that my individual perceptions do not contaminate my driving as President of the Senate. Institutions do not lend and can not serve as screens for individual pursuits -, said Renan.

The senator explained that the Constitution provides that requests for impeachment prosecutor to be sent to the Senate for consideration of the President of the House. When inept are filed. Otherwise follow the authorities of denying rite.

Senator Renan Calheiros also argued that any person can be investigated. About him, He said that investigations take place on the basis of heard, "No fact, without evidence, nothing, absolutely nothing ". Even so, assured him, will testify whenever called.

- It is not the president of the institution. Is Senator Renan Calheiros. I have made sure to give evidence twice, to answer all the questions they asked me, and I will do so with all investigations. But it is not common and is not lucid you investigate for quotation, by hearsay by third parties, by third-party testimony that has nothing to do, and do ten, Fifteen citations and, for the same reason, archive here quotes from senators in the same whistleblower -, protested.

Renan also cited the presence in the task force Operation Lava Jato three attorneys whose directions for CNMP (National Public Prosecution Council) e or CNJ (National Council of Justice) They were rejected by the Senate.

- Perhaps the good sense not to recommend that these people continue investigating the Senate as an institution, senators investigating, abusing power, making forceful without actually justifying it, search and seizure in the senator's house, arrest in flagrante clearly oriented, Senators recordings illegally -, said the President of the Senate.

By giving examples of situations that considers unsavory, Renan Calheiros cited some clandestine recordings. One of them made by an aide to the former senator Amaral Delcídio.

- Former Senator Delcídio, which reached the height of recording the then Minister Mercadante, through its advisory. He (Delcídio) would be for six months here in the Senate, recording senators, so that these serve materiality recordings without proof charges -, said Renan.

Commenting on the statements of Renan Calheiros, Senators requested that the application for Rodrigo Janot impeachment is analyzed with full exemption. The first to review the decision was Senator Otto Alencar (PSD-BA), who recommended caution to the President of the Senate due to the time that the country experiences. The senator Ana Amélia (PP-RS) He praised the Senate president's behavior in the face of the crises so far and pointed out that Renan can mark out future relations.

- Our concern is that the institutional balance is made. And the gesture of your excellence, of course, You can also guided the behavior of other leaders of the other branches -, said Ana Amelia.

Similarly acted Senator John Capiberibe (PSB-AP), which warned of the delicacy of the political situation and the balance between the branches of government.

- I am one of the critics of the Senate not to take action on some requests for investigations of public authorities in our country. I think the Senate is omitted on this. I suggest all caution, because this is a very delicate moment of Brazilian political life. The institutions are all working very well. We face a terrible political crisis -, John recommended Capiberibe (PSB-AP).

In the same line Capiberibe interventions made the Cristovam Buarque senators (PPS-DF) and Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede-AP).

Source: Senate Agency

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