Renan desengaveta project that defines authority abuse crimes

Measure fits delegates, promoters, judges, judges and ministers of superior courts and establishes a penalty of up to four years and fine.
30/06/2016 17h18 - Updated 30/06/2016 17h18
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Investigated in operations Lava Jet and Zealots and recent target of an arrest order, Senate President Renan Calheiros (PMDB-AL) desengavetar decided the controversial bill that defines authority abuse crimes. This Thursday, the PMDB announced plans to reactivate a committee that discusses unregulated sections of the Constitution and vote on the text on collegiality to day 13 July.

The project defines the authorities of abuse crimes was shelved since 2009 and returns to transact at the time Renan at hand requests for impeachment against the Attorney General of the Republic Rodrigo Janot and the Congress itself is on the ropes due to successive corruption scandals and investigations related to petrolão.

The text that deals with abuse of authority falls delegates, promoters, Prosecutor members, judges, judges and ministers of superior courts and provides as a penalty up to four years in prison and a fine, and the loss of function of authority in case of recurrence. The bill establishes several situations considered as abuse of authority, how to order prison “outside the legal cases”, collect illegally someone police lock, fail to grant provisional release when the law admits and extend the implementation of temporary prisons.

Amid the recurrent criticisms of the award-winning tipoff Institute and the recent disclosure of conversations in which the former president of Transpetro Sergio Machado recorded against the political Operation Lava Jato, the draft of abuse of authority also establishes as a crime to offend the intimacy of indictees, embarrass someone under threat of jail to testify about facts that could incriminate him, submit attached to handcuffs when unnecessary and intercept telephone conversations or make environmental listening without authorization.

Although the abuse of authority project perfectly amolde the investigation of interest, Renan Calheiros denied that the inclusion of this issue among the priorities of the Senate is related to the avalanche of political investigation for crimes, such as corruption and money laundering. “This project stipulates rules for all instances have punishment when there is abuse of authority. It's no use, no one will interfere with the course of Lava Jato. At this point there is a great pressure from society in the sense that all these things are clarified. Only will separate the wheat from the chaff conclude the investigation”, said.

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