Reordering the SPAs will maintain and strengthen emergency outpatient services of Primary Care

A total of 90% demand received daily by SPAs are diseases that should be met in Primary.
09/06/2016 07h07 - Updated 9/06/2016 10h09
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Studies show that 90% demand received daily by the Emergency Care Services (SPAs) are diseases that should be met in Primary. Besides that, 66% diseases treated at the Health Care Network have chronic character. That is why, the reorganization of the health system that is being implemented by the State Government provides for the adjustment of the profile of some SPAs to this reality. According to the state Secretary of Health, Pedro Elias de Souza, change profile should occur in 5 of 10 SPAs network that, today, They offer only emergency care services. These units now operate as SPA Family, adding actions and programs of primary care. The 5 other SPAs continue to function, unchanged, as it was previously. It is expected that these changes begin to take effect during July.

"It is important to note that none of these units will be closed. The reordering was careful to keep 5 SPAs running 24 hours, guaranteeing coverage to all areas of the city and supporting the large ERs network. Already SPAs Family, which will adopt this new profile, They work from 7 am to 22h, every day, allowing people who work all day have the basic health care alternative in the evening hours ", said Pedro Elias. According to Pedro Elias, that based studies showed that reordering, our SPAs, peak service is up to 20h.

The secretary explained, still, that the SPAs 24 Hours will attend the emergency low and medium complexity. The role of these units is to meet cases like hypertensive crisis, injury (cortes) that need to be sutured, High fever, convulsiva crisis, fainting and other sudden malaise that require immediate care.

The five SPAs that remain are, are: Danilo Correa (North Zone); crowned (East zone); Antônio Aleixo (East zone); Dawn (West zone) and Spa Zona Sul, which will occupy the structure that was the CAIMI Paulo Lima and CAIC beryl Torres, which are twinned buildings. The East Zone, one of the largest Manaus, You will have two SPAs with this profile.

SPAs Family, addition to hosting the typical free demand will SPAs, gradually, absorb the scheduled service for health programs, as control of hypertension, diabetes, Pap (quote), among others. "One of the advantages of this change is that it will allow the user to create bond with the unit, where he will always be serviced by the same team ", says Peter Elias. The units will now operate as SPA Family are: UPA Campos Salles (West zone) and SPAs Galilee (North Zone), São Raimundo (West zone), José Lins (West zone) and Joventina Dias (West zone).

The changes that occur in the service network is being preceded by a schedule of activities to guide the population and to inform of the measures to inspection and control bodies. The state Secretary of Health, accompanied by technicians Susam and Afonso Lobo secretaries (Farm), Evandro Melo (Management) and Thomaz Nogueira (Planning) They are fulfilling a schedule of meetings that already took information on reordering the City of Manaus (CMM), Prosecutors Federal and State (MPE e MPF), Court of State Auditors (TCE), Order of Lawyers of Brazil (OAB Sectional Amazon), Legislative Assembly of the State (BUT), among other agencies and entities.

"The Government will also provide a phone number 0800, to which people can call for free and get information on the operation of the units. Besides that, coming soon, also be provided with a guide to these guidelines ", said Pedro Elias.

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