ROCAM bursts' drug lab’ in Japiim neighborhood

They were seized in a drug house, firearms, as well as materials for lulling and refining of the infringing material.
14/06/2016 13h54 - Updated 14/06/2016 13h54
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Military police of Rounds Chichi Cândido Mariano (ROCAM) They burst one 'drug lab' and arrested a couple early on Tuesday (14), who worked in drug trafficking in the neighborhood Japiim, South zone of the capital. They were seized in a drug house, firearms, as well as materials for lulling and refining of the infringing material.

According to Lieutenant PM R information. Oliveira, under the command of the police car the team 5851, around 1:30 am Tuesday, They received an anonymous tip that in a residence penetration alley was intense marketing of drugs. The team moved to the designated location and has made contact with the owner of the residence, identified by Jordan Egler Braga Silva, 33, which said it was only after and know the reason for the visit allowed the team to perform searches on property.

During the procedure, They were found in the backyard accoutrements used for mixing, refining and drug packaging. Inside the house were found three guns, ammunition, various portions of substances with narcotics aspect, and it was spotted the husband Jordan, called Renato Felix da Silva, 27, who tried to hide in the lining of the house ceiling.

Upon completion of the procedure, the couple received under arrest, besides being conducted and presented to the 1st District Integrated Police (DIP) which should be fined in drug trafficking offenses, Association for trafficking, Illegal possession of permitted use of firearms and possession or irregular sized restricted firearm.

They were seized (01) pistol taurus pt model 940, calibre .40; (01) pistol taurus pt model 101 AFS with suppressed numbers; (01) model revolver rossi, calibre .38; (01) Gauge Charger 380 with capacity for 19 munitions; (01) Gauge Charger 380 with capacity for 15 munitions; (61) caliber ammunition for .40 training; (03) munitions .40; (123) caliber ammunition .40 ogival; (01) 9mm ammunition; (01) caliber ammunition .45; (07) caliber ammunition .12; 06 caliber ammunition .38; (03) large portions of supposedly home folder; (01) large portion of supposed cocaine; (01) tablet supposedly home folder; (01) middle portion of supposedly home folder; (01) small portion of base paste; (124) supposedly based paste portions; (03) precision scales; (01) counting machine certificates; e (01) Blackberry cell model, and several materials for mixing, refining and packaging numbing.

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