Ruben Aguirre, Professor Girafales of 'Keys', dies at 82 years

The announcement was made on Twitter on the morning of Friday, by Edgar Vivar, Professor Belly.
17/06/2016 07h45 - Updated 17/06/2016 07h45
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Or Mexican ator Rubén Aguirre, known for playing Professor in Girafales “keys”, He died on Friday (17) to 82 years. The information was published on Twitter by Edgar Vivar, that was the Lord Barriga in the same program. “My favorite teacher, rest in peace… Today my good friend Rubén Aguirre part of this plan.
I feel very miss”, Vivar wrote in message. There is no information on the cause of death.

Aguirre, which had diabetes and kidney problems, He had recently passed 11 days hospitalized in Mexico because of pneumonia.

Exactly one year ago, Aguirre had published a letter in which he said have “serious health problems”.

Entitled “And now, who can defend me?” (reference to the character Chapolin), text claimed medical Mexico Actors National Association (You).

“As many of you know, recently my health and my wife debilitated (…) My forces are over. I have been fighting for ten years for that right, because ten years ago it must. I have 81 years and, I repeat, I have serious health problems”, wrote.

Still in 2015, Aguirre had been hospitalized because of gallstones and back problems.

In the previous year, He had been hospitalized in Mexico with dehydration and anemia framework.

According one of his sons Arturo, Aguirre took medication for at least two decades to monitor renal diseases and diabetes.

Born in 15 June 1934, in the city of Saltillo, not Mexico, Rubén Aguirre was formed in agronomy engineering and began his artistic career as a radio announcer and TV. Your Facebook profile states that, since 1976, made presentations in circuses playing Professor Girafales.

Aguirre was married for 1960 and let seven children.

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