Minimum wage in Brazil would have to be R $ 3.777,93, second Dieese

Amount would be enough to meet the expenses of a worker and his family.
06/06/2016 14h59 - Updated 6/06/2016 14h59
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R$ 3.777,93: this would be the minimum wage sufficient value “to meet the expenses of a worker and his family with food, home, health, education, clothing, hygiene, transport, leisure and security” no Brasil.

The calculation is done monthly from 1994 by Diesse (Inter-Union Department of Statistics and Socioeconomic Studies) based on values ​​of the basic basket.

The value of May rose compared to April (R$ 3.716,77), but it was below January (R$ 3.795,24). The minimum wage “required” It is 4,3 times higher than the minimum wage currently in force in Brazil, from 880 real.

In May 2015, or value “enough” It was R $ 3.377,62, or equivalent 4,8 times the minimum wage for the period, from 788 real.


The law stipulates that the annual adjustment of the minimum wage is based on the sum of the variation of the INPC (inflation to low-income population) the previous year, plus the real growth rate of GDP two years earlier.

Since the GDP stood at 2014 and fell in 2015, which will be repeated in 2016, the next real increase will be at least for 2019 (that if the law does not change in the meantime).

Desire X Reality

In a video (Click here to watch the video), economist Carlos Eduardo Gonçalves explains what are the practical consequences if the minimum wage “required” It was established by law:

“What will happen to the person employed today who earns a low wage? (…) Do you think they will keep all employees earning $ 3.700 or they will be sent emboras because their contribution pro final product of the company is not worth that $ 3.700?”.


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