public health and animal welfare are among the amendments to the LDO 2017

The proposal calls for the inclusion of actions for the implementation of concrete measures for themes.
15/06/2016 11h22 - Updated 15/06/2016 11h22
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The councilors of the Municipality of Manaus (CMM) officiated on Tuesday, 14, the amendments to Bill No. 078/2016, which provides for the Budget Guidelines Law (LDO) for 2017, and Councilman Everaldo Farias (PV) has listed at least two major themes to prioritize its amendments, as public health and protection of animal cause.

Amendments meet the expanding needs of care in Basic Health Units (BHU) and seek to remedy demands for the improvement of services in the Zoonosis Control (CCZ). In practice, proposals to the Annual Budget Law (LOA) next year, ask for the inclusion of actions for the implementation of measures for public health and animal welfare.

"We know that Manaus has many needs that must be met, but these amendments, we need to prioritize the demands that we believe are essential for the population. I think in addition to a decent health care, animal welfare needs to be remembered as the lack of animals on the streets can also pose serious problems to public health. Furthermore, who have pets at home know when it is important to see them healthy ", Everaldo defended Faria, who is chairman of the Environmental Commission of the CMM.

The reordering of the health system by the Department of Health (Sesame) reduced the number of service points for outpatient population consultations. "This measure implemented by the state government also transferred polyclinics management and other health facilities to the municipality that, until last year, I had not prepared financially for it. That is why, Our amendments seek to help the municipality to ensure more resources for health care ", said Everaldo.

Zoonosis Control Data realize that there are about 200 thousand dogs and cats only in the city of Manaus, with a mortality 3 one thousand, annually, only restricted to slaughter occurred CCZ, motivated by old age, serious injuries or terminally ill.

Other data agency realize that on average 150 animals (mainly puppies and cats) They are rescued by month in the capital, victims of abuse. "Among the main aggressions registered against them are: body burned with hot water, characteristic bruising assaults with sharp objects, acorrentamentos, lack of nutrition and lack of hygiene. Our amendments to the LDO see help reduce these problems ", concluded Everaldo.

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