Sefaz porcura winners of the draw of Amazonense invoice to deliver awards

Near 3.585 awards were not delivered or are in the process of being lost because of data not reported or containing errors.
24/06/2016 14h22 - Updated 25/06/2016 10h42
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Of the ten winners of the last monthly drawing Invoice Amazonense (NFA), the Department of Finance (Sefaz) can not find Jamelson Martins Vieira, not last day 9 of June, won R $ 5 one thousand. It is not an isolated case. of 19.628 raffled prizes for individuals since the start of the campaign in August 2015 until this Friday, 17, 18%, that is, 3.585 They were not delivered or are in the process of being lost because of data not reported or containing errors.

The coordination of the campaign tried to inform Jamelson that he was covered by mobile phone and email that he provided during registration that he did, but was not successful and the deposit of the award was not made because he did not inform his bank account. Friday of last week, day 17, the Sefaz credited the prizes of the nine winners and sponsored entities covered in the last draw, the Jamelson was retained. Coordination warns that people have attention in completing their registrations to avoid that fail to receive their awards, if they are covered.

"In 2015, when the NFA was launched, it was not necessary to register on the campaign website for the person to participate. As a result, 2.662 awards returned to the public coffers because there was no information to carry out bank loans. After 90 days from the date of the draw, the winner did not correct the flaws and informed the Secretariat setting, forfeits the prize ", He explained the coordinator of NFA, auditor fiscal, Augusto Bernardo Cecilio.

In 2016, the coordination of the NFA has changed the rule and made it mandatory to register to compete for 26 daily prizes (25 R $ 200 and a R $ 1 one thousand), monthly (ranging from R $ 5 mil a R$ 30 one thousand) and special (ranging from R $ 5 mil a R$ 50 one thousand). The number of drawn and not covered persons fell significantly. From January to May this year were drawn 4.444 people, this universe, 923 They did not receive the prizes yet.

The Secretariat publishes the winners of the awards in other website, and not campaign site. Or participant knows, to access your personal account with custom password, He was one of the contemplated.

Campaign balance
Until May 2016, the State of Amazonas raffled R $ 3.036.000,00 prizes for participants who put the CPF in note. In the last monthly draw, They were generated 1.813.899 electronic tickets, totalizing 680.328 electronic invoices with CPF, which together accounted for a total of R $ 140.766.391,74 in retail sales. The notes were made in the 1st period 31 from May of 2016.

Since the campaign began, in August last year, but of 202 thousand people cadastram the CPF on the Campaign Invoice Amazonense site and participate in daily draws, monthly and special, already distributed maisde 19.630 awards to citizens and social organizations. They were issued 22,5 million invoices with CPF August 2015 until this Friday. The Department of Finance sued 21.654.807 million invoices with the CPF until the day 03.06.2016.

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