Sejel announces events package and sports action for this year, in the Amazon Arena

All proceeds will be transferred to the State Fund for Sporting Goods (Feel).
16/06/2016 06h55 - Updated 17/06/2016 07h54
Photo: Mauro Neto / Sejel

An event package and sports actions to 2016 it was announced, a news conference, on Wednesday afternoon, 15, the head of the Secretariat of State for Youth, Sports and leisure (Sejel), Fabricio Lima. In this ocasion, They were present representatives of Esporte Clube Iranduba da Amazônia, Amazonense Football (FAF), Municipal and Sport Secretariat, Leisure and Youth (Semdej).

In the package, They were released the final stage of the Women's League U-20 Football, the National games valid for the series D, 1st Cup International Football Case Female, support for the State Children and Youth and the opening of an Olympic museum at the Stadium.

Under-20 League

The final stage of the League U-20 Women's Football takes place on 22 e 24 of June. disputes, who previously had the state of São Paulo as a destination for games, It became Manaus after strong trading from the sports folder manager. Admission to all matches is free.

Thus, games on the first day, take the field, to 18h, Adeco-SP X Aliança-GO e, shortly thereafter, at 20h, has Vasco da Gama and Iranduba. In the second day, The games take place at the same time.

"We had a few days to negotiate, because the League was already provided to another state, but with the good performance of Iranduba, and the partnership we offer, the competition was confirmed and, if Father in Heaven allow, we will see the Warriors Hulk lift the cup at home, a historic moment and that will further promote the sport in our state ", he said Lima.

The President of the Verdão, Amarildo Dutra, celebrated the news. "We are happy with this decision to make the semi-finals and final in the Arena. Before it was defined that the final stage would be held in São Paulo, but strategically Secretary managed to reverse this decision. For us it is important, not because we are unbeaten in the competition, but to be able to count on the presence of the crowd. And if our team to continue playing football that is playing, no wonder we did 45 goals, suffering only 5, We reach a decision and perhaps we will bring this exclusive title for the Amazon ", he said.

1ª Cup International Football Case Female

Another dispute is replaced by the Arena da Amazonia as the "women's football home" is the 1st Cup International Football Case Female, for the first time will be held in Manaus and in the North. In three double rounds, the national teams of Brazil and three other nations, determined, will play against each other, in the days 7, 11 e 14 from December; the teams that tallying the most points will compete in the champion title on 18 from December.

"We have here the main Brazilian team and we have other teams that are battling to come to the World Cup, such as Italy, Portugal, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica and Argentina. No doubt, this event will further consolidate our women's football and we are confident that it will attract the general public ", he said Lima, to inform that the competition will have no cost to the government of Amazonas, since it is paid for by the official sponsor of the event.

National Games
Only representative of Manaus in the Brazilian Championship Series D, National will have two more games in the Arena da Amazônia, before the stadium be delivered to the Organizing Committee of Olympic Games Rio 2016, no dia 27 of June. No Saturday, day 18, Lion face Atlético-AC and the day 26, Sunday, the NACA says goodbye to the World Cup stage in the match against train-AP. no day 17 July, the Vila Lion will contest the sixth round of the competition against the Genus-RO, the stadium Hill.

"I greatly appreciate the Rio Committee for sensitivity to extend again the deadline of delivery of the Arena. The partnership is providing unconditional support to our sport and we all went out winning it, the certainty that nothing will harm the Olympics ", He said Lima.

Arena will have Olympic museum
Future stage the Olympics, Arena Amazonia will win an Olympic museum at the beginning of October. With many stories to tell, the site will have exclusive pieces, using materials donated by the president of CONSUDATLE (Consudatle), Roberto Gesta. The museum will pay entry, with different prices for those who live in the state and visitors from other regions and countries, and will move to the Stadium economy.

All proceeds, second Fabricio Lima, It will be transferred to the State Fund for Sporting Goods (Feel), which will enable support for local sport.

Just as it has at Amazonense Junior Championship, the Sejel announced that the entity will coordinate the Children's category and Youth 2016. Second Fabricio Lima, the whole structure policing, ambulance, arbitration, starting delegates, stadiums free of charge, among others, They will be made available to the championships.

In this ocasion, Lima also stressed that awaits the decision of the Amazon Sports Court (TJD-AM) for Friday, 17, when you can announce the location of U-20 final, planned - so far - to occur in the Amazon Arena, double round, day 21 of June.

"We will coordinate with great pleasure and LIABILITY base and we are still finalizing an agreement with the Japanese Consulate to make the donation 100 cleats for these categories and strengthen our football ", he said Lima.

busy Arena
no day 12 of October, the Arena da Amazonia - as previously announced - will still be Fluminense and Flamengo stage and day 06 September Brazil vs. Colombia.

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