Semsa investigates case of microcephaly born baby in Manaus

Folder awaiting results to see if the case is related to zika. Mother contracted the virus during pregnancy.
23/06/2016 14h45 - Updated 23/06/2016 14h45
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The Municipal Health (Sems) investigates a case of microcephaly a female baby, born on 20 June Maternity Hospital Balbina Mestrinho. The folder is awaiting the outcome of the Central Public Health Laboratory of the Amazon (Lacen) to see if the child microcephaly is related to the virus zika.

The mother contracted zika during pregnancy and was accompanied in the Basic Health Unit Nilton Lins, in Parque das Laranjeiras, What is Obstetric Reference Service of the Manaus City Hall to pregnant women who had the disease.

The mother has 21 years, lives in the neighborhood Zumbi (East zone) and had premature baby, with 29 weeks. "During the pregnancy, the ultrasound has been detected microcephaly by health professionals and the mother had all up with prenatal, psychologists and social worker, and guidance with multidisciplinary team on delivery, birth, puerperium and childcare, psychosocial care with emphasis on the stimulation of this early detection of microcephaly and the possible relationship to zika, since the disease was confirmed in the mother ", said the municipal secretary of Health, Homero de Miranda Neto Lion.

The patient will continue to be monitored in the puerperium (during 45 days postpartum) with the professionals of UBS Nilton Lins. The baby will also be assisted in unique spaces that the city created to host the Outpatient Monitoring of High Risk Baby, with pediatricians and nurses, scheduling consultations and specialized tests, priority.

The clinics perform six to 18 queries per month, the nine units available. There are two in the east - the BHU Amazon Palhano and Geraldo Magela -; three in the north - BHU Armando Mendes, Augean Gadelha and Sálvio Belota -; two in West zone - BHU Deodato Miranda Lion and Leonor de Freitas -; and two in the south - BHU San Francisco and Lawrence Borghi.

The report Epidemiologic the Integrated Joint Operations Center of Health (Cioci), released on Wednesday, 22, by Semsa, Manaus has pointed out that 4.904 Cases of zika virus, with 1.669 confirmed, 2.485 and discarded 750 remain in Research. are pregnant 963 notified, with 288 confirmations and 516 with the disease and discarded 159 They are under investigation. Nineteen babies were reported with microcephaly in Manaus, with a confirmed case of infection zika, four who have no relation with the disease, four cases discarded and ten research.

The number of complaints of Health Hotline (0800 280 8 290) arrived at 4.893, being that 4.519 sites have been inspected. The Semsa have also inspected, by Municipality of Health Surveillance (Visa Manaus), 1.426 sites, of which 111 They were charged. The Semsa also deployed 1.689 Brigades Against Aedes, with 8.902 capable people.

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