Senator Magno Malta out in defense of Jair Bolsonaro

deputy mandate can be impeached for taking vote in favor of Dilma's impeachment Colonel Ustra.
30/06/2016 07h20 - Updated 30/06/2016 18h36
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Senator Magno Malta (PR), in a speech in the Senate on the last day 29 of June, reasoned decision of the Supreme Court (STF) and the Ethics Committee of the House of Representatives, on the possible revocation of the office of Member of Jair Bolsonaro (PSC), due to the dedication of vote to the memory of Colonel Carlos Alberto Brilhante Ustra, on the vote on the admissibility of the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff away (PT).

For Magno Malta, other Members who have given their votes to personalities, why not Senator nurtures sympathy, as the Communists Marighella Carlos Lamarca and are not being punished and in his opinion it truly has been two weights and two measures and the statement that the STF has exacerbated its competence.

“Thousands of people, I thank, who follow me on social networks have asked me what I think about it. I am not a lawyer, or I have power of attorney by Mr Jair Bolsonaro, but I think he has word of immunity, he has the right of expression, is the law that gives the right. I do not I nourish any sympathy nor respect the history of Marighella and Lamarca, but I respect those who devoted themselves to vote them, because it is their right. No one has ascended this tribune here to talk about the Islamic State, who rapes children and killing homosexuals, never seen anyone up here to talk about a friend of Lula there's Iran that kills homosexuals, that does not respect human rights, but they glamorize Cuba that does not respect human rights, Che Guevara and the rest of the people who do not deserve respect. The Supreme Court has exacerbated its competence because no one knows more than the STF, that the right to free expression exists in this country and that he has word of immunity”, he emphasized Malta.

Senator ended his speech saying expect the same attitude taken against Bolsonaro be taken with other Members. “I'm not a lawyer Bolsonaro, but hopefully it (STF) take the same attitude that made those who dedicated themselves to these figures their votes, that is the right of each. So, I think the Supreme overstepped its jurisdiction and if it catches in a moment we can not even stand in. That is why, much courageously I answer the thousands of people who question me on social networks like others too, but as I was born weaned I will not put the branch in never and I will close by saying again: The Supreme overstepped”, He concluded Magno.

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