Senators deny receiving money from former president of Transpetro

Romero Juca and Renan Calheiros denied having received about R $ 70 million Machado.
04/06/2016 13h15 - Updated 4/06/2016 13h15
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After the disclosure by the press that, the award-winning tipoff, the former president of Transpetro Sergio Machado was quoted as saying that paid the PMDB leaders at least R $ 70 million diverted from company, Romero Juca senators (PMDB-RR) and Renan Calheiros (PMDB-AL) They denied having received Machado resources.

report published last night (3) by O Globo says, the whistleblower, Machado reported to have passed R $ 30 million in cash from the state of contract kickbacks to Renan Calheiros, R$ 20 million to former Senator Jose Sarney and R $ 20 million for the senator and former minister of Romero Juca Planning.

Through advice, Senate President, Renan Calheiros, He denied having received money Sérgio Machado. "I have never received benefits from anyone and always had with Sergio Machado respectful relationship and State", released the advice of Senator.

According to the advisory Juca, "Senator denies receiving any financial resources by Sérgio Machado or commissions for contracts performed by Transpetro".

The Agency Brazil failed to contact the former senator José Sarney. But, last week, speaking of Sérgio Machado recordings published by the newspaper Folha de S.Paulo, citing its name, former President of the Republic issued a statement complaining about the leaking of his private conversations with the former president of Transpetro and stating that your relationship with him is friendship.

"The conversations I had with him in recent times have always been marked, on my part, the feeling of solidarity, characteristic of my personality. In this sense, often I tried to say words, in his time of distress and nervousness, raise your confidence and hope to overcome the charges he faced ", said.

Sarney confirmed that Machado friend "for many years" and said he regretted "that private conversations become public, They can hurt other people ever wish to achieve ".

According to the newspaper O Globo, the whistleblower, Sérgio Machado indicated the rigged contracts at Transpetro and the paths followed by the diverted money to get lawmakers. The scheme would run from 2003 until last year, period in which he led the company. Transpetro is Petrobras subsidiary and the largest fuel transport company in the country.

Source: Agency Brazil

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