Syria elects first woman to lead the parliament to an Arab country

Half Hadia enters history as the first woman to hold the position in an Arab country.
06/06/2016 14h03 - Updated 6/06/2016 14h03
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Half Hadia Abbas was elected president of the People's Council of Syria (Parliament) becoming the first woman in history to hold this position in an Arab country.

In April in Syria were held parliamentary elections attended 3,5 thousand candidates vying 250 seats. Hadia Abbas was elected at the first session of the People's Assembly, where the new composition of the Syrian Parliament voted.

Women Syria received constitutional allowed to vote and participate in elections 1953. No period 1973 a 1977, only five women occupied seats.

Between 2012 e 2016 this number increased and are now 31 women's 250 members of parliament.

Syria has become one of the most dangerous and bloody spots on earth. For five years, It is the epicenter of an armed conflict that has claimed more than 250.000 lives, according to the latest official UN figures, or about 400.000, according to estimates by the special envoy of the United Nations, Staffan Mixture .

In 27 of February, entered into force in this country an agreed cease-fire between Russia and the US, countries Co-Chairman of international support to Syria, and approved by a resolution of the UN Security Council.

Source: Agency Brazil

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