Under cancellation penalty, EC notifies municipalities with scheduled parties

Decision seeks to avoid overspending on public administration.
07/06/2016 14h01 - Updated 7/06/2016 14h01
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The Amazonian municipalities with scheduled parties in this period of financial crisis will have to give explanations to the Amazonas State Court (TCE-AM) for a period of 5 days, as they are notified, if they do not want the events to be canceled. The decision, which aims to avoid overspending on public administration, It was taken by the members of the ECA during the 19th ordinary session, early on Tuesday (7).

the notification, TEC will ask the City Hall full copy of the administrative process for the completion of the party, with the basic design and all planned expenditures for the feast, as the value for the hiring artists, values ​​for party execution, in addition to the commitment of note, the administrative acts and further explanations of the payor of the event.

Motivated by presiding director Ari Moutinho Junior, which ranked as misplaced and irresponsible holding parties with sizeable spending by Amazon interior municipalities, as is the case of Presidente Figueiredo - who spent more than R $ 1 million with the Feast of Cupuaçu - and Jutai, you want to pay nearly half a million only to double Zeze de Camargo&Luciano to sing on the Feast of the Sardine next month, the directors decided to ask explanations to managers, otherwise Party suspension by the respective rapporteurs of the accounts.

the collegial, the director Ari Moutinho Junior said it had anticipated and notified the mayor of Jutaí, Marlene Goncalves Cardoso, who granted a period of five days for justifications, since there are arrears of wages accounts of the civil service in the city. “astonishingly, Council members, is not the Manaus City Hall, with its structure, who is proposing with such audacity, at a time of crisis, something of this magnitude, but it is the municipality that is the HDI in the low rating, that is, the torch of human development in Brazil, or Jutaí”, lamented President.

The rapporteur of Jutaí accounts, counselor Yara Lins Santos, congratulated the initiative of the presidency and said that spending such, in this period, They are unjustifiable and can compromise the municipal budget, that revolves around R $ 41 millions.

In his speech, the counselor Eric Exile, to praise the concern of the EC Treaty and the initiative of Ari Moutinho Junior advisor, He expressed sympathy to the notification of all mayors programing party in and suggested that managers aright the ECA administrative process, with all the details, which was accepted immediately, unanimously, by collegiality. “We can give time to the municipality to present in five days, because there is urgency, full copy of the administrative procedure which resulted in the service that is being hired, with the basic design. You must have a reason for exemption from bidding or inexibilidade, budget allocation, budget forecast for this year, if there, commitment note. If the manager does not present this term, the Court may suspend. This is not to say that I am against party, but things need to be done in the light of responsibility”, he suggested, to emphasize that “Court has jurisdiction to scrutinize how public money is being managed and whether everything is being done according to what the law demands and common sense”. Mario counselors Mello and Joshua Son also expressed support for notifications.

The Attorney General of the Public Prosecutor with the TEC, Roberto Krichanã, reported that the MPC, who filed a representation in the Account court, suggesting an alert General to mayors, He reported that the MPC is following up the matter and will keep the college informed about the festivities and abusive spending of municipalities.

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