Socialite confirms crime, but denies intent to kill rival: 'Me chasing’

Marcelaine would have ordered the death of Denise Silva by jealous lover. Victim was shot in the gym parking in Manaus.
01/06/2016 17h07 - Updated 1/06/2016 17h21
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The Marcelaine socialite dos Santos Schumann – accused of ordering the killing Denise Silva jealousy of Marcos Souto lover – confirmed the crime, but stated that “I did not intend to kill rival”. Marcelaine and Denise would be lovers of the same man. The accused and other 4 They are judged on Wednesday (1º) In Manaus. “I never wanted to kill [Denise]”, says Marcelaine. She said he was sorry.

During testimony, Marcelaine said, actually, it was she who was chased by Denise. The accused said he discovered the involvement of Denise with her lover through phone records.

“Denise chasing me. I care, sent message, [said] she 'was the flavor of the month'. This lasted about three months, four months”, accused Marcelaine.

Marcelaine confirmed the affair with Marcos Souto and revealed that a health problem occurred with her husband approached the Souto.

She also said that the lover even commented that it was also pursued by Denise. “Marcos said she chasing him (sic)”, account Marcelaine. “I learned that [Denise] caused Mark's wife also”, completed Marcelaine.

Marcelaine said caught several links between Souto and Denise and found himself hampered by Denise. Because of this, she came to call the husband of the victim (Erivelton Barreto) to report extramarital relationship Wife.

In his testimony, Denise Silva victim declined to comment on the case with Souto.
Asked about the plan, Marcelaine said Charles Mac Donald Lopes Castelo Branco – with whom she had a friendship – He planned the crime. He would have offered to “find a way” to make Denise stop pursuing her. He would also come into contact with the other defendants.

“Our conversation evolved in this direction to make Denise stop disturbing me. She lived in function of my life. So, he left there, to give a scare in Denise. [Or Charles] He said he would see a way to stop it upset me, I was going to beat, a scare in it”, says Marcelaine.

“I wanted her to leave me alone”, says Marcelaine, referring to Denise.
the judge, Marcelaine said the crime occurred at a time of “psychological fragility” and he declared that he did not know how Charles would act.

Marcelaine said he learned of the attack on Denise by lover, Marcos Souto. “I was terrified, very much afraid”, says Marcelaine, attack on Denise.
Mauro Antony judge read the testimony of Rafael “Sausage” – appointed as the shooter -, given after the crime, where he confirms that the suspect knew all involved. When asked about the veracity of testimony, Marcelaine said, the dock, only Charles Mac Donald was known for her.

She was questioned by the prosecutor Rogério Marques. He questioned the accused on notes with information about the victim. She said she decided to meet the person who was chasing her. She also said to have passed a photo of Denise for Charles.
The socialite also said that Denise even went to the gym she attends. “Just her being there was a provocation”, says Marcelaine.

Although the promoter, Marcelaine said that the involvement of Charles was as “return” loan of R $ 3 one thousand. She would have lent value to suspect him to do a health treatment.
Marcelaine recognized that wanted to hurt Denise, but he said he was sorry. “I regret very much to have made that decision [trying to hurt Denise]. Nothing worth to be going through what I'm going through today”, said Marcelaine.
During testimony, on the afternoon of Wednesday, Marcelaine came to be moved to remember health problems faced by fellow. “Very difficult to talk about it”, said.

The jury, composed of seven persons, It is chaired by Judge Mauro Moraes Antony, 3rd Court of the jury of the Manaus County.

They are accused of attempted murder of Denise Silva: a socialite Marcelaine Schumann (mastermind of the crime), 37 years; the Bachelor of Administration Charles Mac Donald Lopes Castelo Branco (as sharers), 29 years; Edney the Costa Gomes security (participants), 27 years; Arevalo to Marques (participants), 23 years; Rafael Leal dos Santos (executor), O “Sausage”, 26 years.

The crime occurred on 12 November 2014, por volta the 8h, in the parking lot of a bar in Manaus center. Denise Almeida was in a car when “Sausage” He approached and shot. The victim lowered his head and moved the vehicle in reverse butch. One of the shots went through the side window and the bullet hit the neck, housing in the neck of the victim.

“Sausage” It is identified as the shooter. He would have received R $ 3,5 thousand for the crime. After being arrested, he confessed to attempted murder and pointed out the participation of two other people in crime: Charles Mac Donald Lopes Castelo Branco, I would have negotiated the crime with the principal, e Karen Arevalo Marques, who brokered the rent of the weapon used in the crime.

Police also arrested for involvement in crime Edney. It would have been responsible for state and provide contact “Mac Donald”, his cousin, and Rafael Santos (author of two shots). Edney was approached by a vigilant – Not identified – it was college friend Socialite to commit crime. He would have refused a proposal of R $ 6,5 thousand for fear.

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