SSP-AM performs operation to curb robberies on buses in Manaus

The operation took place from 19h to 23h, this Tuesday, time when the bus stops and vehicles gain more movement.
29/06/2016 13h14 - Updated 29/06/2016 13h14
Photo: Press Release / PC

The Secretariat of Public Security of the Amazon (SSP-AM), through the Executive Deputy Secretary of Integrated Operations (Seaop), He held late on Tuesday(28) police operation to curb assaults inside the bus lines that are part of the urban public transport and circulating in neighborhoods located in the western areas and the Midwest's capital, between them: compensates, Redemption and Lily of the Valley.

According to the executive secretary deputy of Integrated Operations SSP-AM, Orlando Amaral, the operation took place from 19h to 23h, time when the bus stops and vehicles gain more movement from the mobility of people in the workplace or schools and universities to their homes.

"The purpose of this is to strengthen operations as the ostensible policing performed daily by the military police and strengthen the presence of the Public Security System in the streets. This inhibits the action of criminals and leads to the local community the sense of security ", explains the secretary of Seaop.

The operation began at Avenida Brazil, Compensates neighborhood. From there, He went to the district Redemption, and then to the area of ​​the Lily of the Valley. Approximately, 50 bus passed by police approach, Besides cars, motorcyclists and people. Around 30 cops, civil-military, divided into teams, They participated in the operation.

During approaches to bus, police teams dialogued with passengers and passed security measures that can help to inhibit action of criminals, such as: avoid walking with exposed valuables and not be at the bus stop alone. "These are two measures that can help prevent the action of criminals", concluded Amaral.

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