SSP-AM recorded a reduction of criminal activities in Parintins Folk Festival during

Compared to last year, occurrences of crimes generally reduced 25% the last two days.
27/06/2016 13h34 - Updated 27/06/2016 13h34
Photo: Press Release / SSP-AM

The 51st Parintins Festival happened without the record of serious occurrences. Compared to last year, occurrences of crimes generally reduced 25% for two days.

The data were presented on Sunday morning (26), at a meeting to evaluate the integrated security plan, which is being developed at the event, which part of the security system organs (Civil police, Military police, Fire Department and DMV-AM) with support from Parintins Prefecture.

The Integrated Operation Parintins 2016 It is coordinated by the Center for Integrated Command and Control Site, which is interconnected with the regional CICC in Manaus.

The SSP-AM reported a reduction in the crime of theft in 41%. There was no homicide record, attempted murders and robberies. The Executive Secretary and Deputy Planning and Integrated SSP-AM Management, Dan Hall, It points out that before the Folk Festival period, the security forces carried out an important work of preventive and educational activities that contributed to a quiet party.

"In addition to strengthening the ostensive policing and the work of repression to crimes, We consider important to carry out educational and preventive actions prior to the festival. The guidelines that the organs intensely passed to visitors in the city, before and even in the event of the day added to our efforts to maintain success in public safety item ", highlights.

Inspection Center
A Central Authority was created to be inspected bars and shops selling alcoholic beverages in Parintins. Part of the central representatives of the Civil Police, Military Police and Child Protection Agency. The actions of the teams start by 16h and follow up to 22h, in order to prevent the sale of beverages to children and adolescents during the festival, besides strengthening the municipal law that determines the operation of these locations until 4pm. the process of greater movement in the central area of ​​Parintins are covered and around the Bumbódromo.

Rescue Simulation
The Amazon Military Fire Department (CBMAM) performed, Saturday night before the presentation of the horse-bumbás, the simulation of the trapped victim rescue in structure 50 meters.

Rescue specialists height CBMAM demonstrated during simulation, the procedures including first aid, from the mobilization of the victim, offset in high altitude safely and presentation of escape routes in Bumbódromo, in cases of emergency. They were also passed the safety tips guidelines, in Portuguese and English, how the public should proceed in local evacuation situation.

According to the general commander of the institution, Fernando Sergio, preventive measures also extended to other parts of the city island Tupinambarana, as the city's airport and bathhouses. Teams of the institution are from the last day 18 June in the city Parintins, giving enhanced public safety involving the Folk Festival.

"We understand that 'anticipate' the occurrence can contribute to a safer place. In these days, kept divers teams in the locker room because of the great movement that the city receives this time. In addition to keeping a team of firefighters at the aerodrome, which are essential for the airport to receive larger aircraft ", he explained.

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