STF signals sending Lula surveys, Edinho, Cardozo, Berzoini and Mercadante to Moro

PT members fear that their inquiries are sent to Live for a simple reason: the speed.
09/06/2016 17h52 - Updated 9/06/2016 17h55

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The decision of the Minister Celso de Mello, do Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF), which led to the sending of a request pursuant opening against former chief of staff Jaques Wagner to analyze the federal judge Sergio Moro, worries summit PT. Without any subtlety the decision to Celso Mello also has a huge weight on Teori Zavascki, the other minister of the STF, Rapporteur of cases of Lava jet.

The measure announced on Thursday(9), signals that other requests for investigation submitted by the Attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot, the Supreme may have the same fate.

The decision to Mello may extend to cases of former ministers Ricardo Berzoini, Edinho Silva, José Eduardo Cardoso, Aloisio Mercadante and Lula himself, against whom there is in addition to inquiries in the Supreme Court an opinion of the Attorney General of the Republic, the points as head of the criminal organization that robbed Petrobras over the last thirteen years.

It is a fact that all PT members fear that their inquiries are sent to federal judge Sergio Moro, responsible for the processes of Lava Jato in the first instance, for a simple reason: the speed.

If the Supreme Court follow the trend inaugurated by Minister Celso de Mello, will not advance flounce. Lula and Rousseff's former ministers may have their faster sealed destinations than many realize.

Source: Viva press

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