Supreme must accept second complaint against Cunha

The STF ministers must authorize tomorrow, 22, the opening of the new action.
21/06/2016 07h31 - Updated 21/06/2016 07h31
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The Federal Supreme Court shall authorize Wednesday (22), the opening of the second criminal case against the chairman of the House away, Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ), for involvement in the corruption scheme investigated by Operation Lava Jato.

The survey determines if the PMDB held accounts in Switzerland supplied with kickbacks diverted from Petrobras.

The complaint against the PMDB, in this case, It was offered to the Supreme by the Attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot, in March. The MP is accused of the crimes of corruption, money laundering and tax evasion.

According to interlocutors of the Court, Minister Teori Zavascki, Rapporteur of Lava jet in Supreme, It considers that there is more evidence to justify the opening of the prosecution than when voted for receipt of the first complaint against Cunha, Also in March.

This is because the case in question has had other consequences, as the fact that the PMDB's wife, Claudia Cruz, have turned a defendant in the 1st instance of Lava Jato, in Curitiba.

It also weighs against the Cunha Central Bank report establishing a fine for the couple for failing to declare funds abroad to the IRS between the years 2007 e 2014.

While accepting the complaint, ministers should discuss technical issues relating to international cooperation agreements that have been closed by the Attorney General's Office. According to an aide of the Court, some points need to be clarified because the case will generate jurisprudence.

Cunha already responds to criminal proceedings in the Supreme Court. He was accused of receiving $ 5 million in kickbacks for contracts from Petrobras-drillships.

The PMDB was also denounced in a third process that investigates for receipt of funds from the works of the Porto Maravilha, in the river. Still in Lava Jato, the MP is the target of two procedures already opened an inquiry and opening request is awaiting analysis Teori.

sought, the advice of the PMDB said he did not rule on the matter.

The defense Cunha appealed yesterday to the Supreme asking Teori enjoy a feature that allows the return to attend the Chamber Office to carry out party activities or go to his office. The PMDB tries to save its mandate and avoid impeachment.

Cunha did yesterday legal and political consultations on the possible resignation of consequences for the presidency of the House. nevertheless, he denies wishing to relinquish office. second allies,

Cunha climbed deputies next to probe party leaders about the arrangement of stands in negotiating an agreement in exchange for votes against his impeachment in the House.

Late in the afternoon, he questioned lawyers about the possible resignation of consequences. Only after completing these consultations, decide whether or not to waive, as allies.

members of “shock troops” the PMDB, however, find difficult to leaders toparem an agreement. “The time spent resign”, said Mr André Moura (PSC-SE), government leader in the House.

In this case, the resignation would not make sense, since Cunha still have about a month to negotiate, period in which their appeals against decisions of the Ethics Committee will be reviewed by the Committee on Constitution and Justice (CCJ) from home.

In the morning, Deputy Carlos Marun (PMDB-MS) Cunha visited and said he already showed less resistance to resignation thesis, but decided.

'Lack of subject’
Eduardo Cunha said yesterday that it does not intend to announce his resignation from the command of the House at the press conference scheduled for today. Speaking to the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo, Cunha called “lack of subject” the rumors about his departure from office.

“I'll talk tomorrow (today) in an interview. And there's resignation”, said the PMDB. Asked whether he would present a personal defense because of the advancement of the impeachment process of his term in the House, the away he said the interview will deal with various issues. “General. It has a point”, stated.

Cunha has received “advices” of parliamentarians called Centrão to resign the office of Member of.


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